Waiting …… fire





Relief danger has passed

These are the clothing that provides protection and identification for my husband when he goes off to fight fire. They are protected and cared for as they cover one of the people in my life that I would find very difficult to live without should these clothing not do the job for which they are designed.

They wait outside for they smell of smoke and inside it is over powering

They are ready to pull back on whilst we still have fire in our area.

They are resting from the last 4 days of being used for hours at the end

They provide a picture of relief, he is home and the danger has passed us, not others though.

Our thoughts are with all those in these zones that didn’t get much sleep last night, that are surrounded by smoke and that feel the stress of these fires.

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  1. That is a very poignant picture, and a wonderful blog… hoping for more respite from the horrors of the fires. Stay safe my friends, and your neighbours and friends too. #KoalaHugs xox

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