Things I have seen

Sometimes I think my life has given me more than I need, not by the way of material things but by the people in it who I love and cherish. Though I feel I never get to spend much time with them I know and I hope they know how much they mean to me. I have been given ample opportunity in my work and life to have great balance and have been to places and seen things I never thought I would when I was growing up. Though what is growing up essentially, I still don’t feel any older than when I left school – just a wiser head on my shoulders as they say.

I worked as a Nurse for the formative years of my working life, I have seen many things I have wanted to see and many things I didn’t want to see. These things can not be unseen, I didn’t realise the great rich diversity i would see and do having chosen this sort of career then I moved onto medical sales where opportunity was afforded me to travel. I have done and seen things here in many places in Australia and beyond, things I also wanted to see and others I didn’t.

But coming to farming life, I get to see and do much more than I ever thought goes on at farms. I have seen my Huz put chains (correctly) on a calf hooves and use the ute to assist a cow to give birth, 9 out of ten deliveries are fine, the ones that die, died in utero. I have seen things that also can not be unseen. Like the entrails of eaten prey our cats have brought in. Most times we discourage them if they bring us their prize, last night was a bat, it was tiny and the cat (Frankie) now call bat girl (she is a female) was playing with it. I thought it was dead so I went to pick it up and thought better of it and used the dustpan, the poor thing was still alive. How does one keep a bat for a pet, get it survive the attack of killer cat and then let it go. This was 1am I was contemplating all of this, I decided to open the door and let it out. Much to my and the cats amazement it flew off, sometimes they just need a minute or two to get over the attack and off it went.

How does one cat get high enough to catch a bat, one suspects the poor little thing moved into our fruit trees and took refuge from the cold and heat and was getting a meal there till our nosy cat caught it. Some times the night life in the house is like a party a cat posse all waiting and crying at the clever cat that caught prey, it’s awful. I even feel sorry for the bunnies they bring in. But that is the second time for a bat, I wonder what the rest of the year will bring.