Holiday in Bali? no thanks

I have recently read that 1 Australian a week dies in Bali, that is an astounding figure so of those that get reported say 1 in 10 there are 10 more that go unrecognized by the media but not by their families. We read and hear about methanol being put in drinks, this is not a one-off but a CONSTANT story we are hearing, yet people flock there and drink the cocktails that will kill them. I cannot understand why the authorities are not doing anything about this long-established practice, I really can’t.

The other thing that amazes me is also the amount of people who travel there without INSURANCE, what is that? an extra $150 to save your family from having to sell their house, cash in their superannuation or worse still get money of all of their friends in the guise of fundraising? This amount is about $150,000, surely if you are travelling overseas insurance should be compulsory, I don’t whether people take the risk if they travel to America, it is well reported the medical costs are enormous, even repatriating a body back can cost more than people’s houses.

It is well reported that tourism is the life blood of Bali, yet there seems to be countless horror stories about ‘holidays’ and there never seems to be a solution. I have also read countless stories of raw sewerage in rooms, dirty sheets (others have slept in) and poor conditions in total, yet people flock there. It is ‘cheap’, ‘fun’ you can drink lots, have your hair braided and buy countless counterfeit goods, DVD’s and jewellery. Wow, doesn’t that sound enticing.

I myself prefer to travel within Australia, you don’t need insurance, good health care is the rule not the exception, and you can have fun, drink and see some even more beautiful scenery than overseas. Darwin has mindil beach markets, it’s free, multi cultural and you can sit and watch a fabulous sunset. Sydney has the Bridge & Opera house where you can walk across it, walk around it all the while watching the boats and life in the Harbor, these activities are also free. Melbourne has Federation square, MCG and many more icons in close proximity, no one charges you here either. WA has the swan river, Margaret River region and they are all beautiful, Tasmania has Salamanca markets in Hobart and much more, Adelaide has the City River precinct or Glenelg Beach and a world renown wine region that are easily accessible and free to sit and enjoy the scenery. Queensland also offers many an exciting area to go and enjoy

Each state has its own nightlife and fun is what you make, when you are anywhere, people make fun, not places. Bali is not on my bucket list and I love travel in all states and territories in Australia. Keep our dollars here, we too have the impoverished, homeless and industries that need supporting. Shop home first, you may pay a little bit more to get there and every place has it’s cultural and food precincts that need to be tested and enjoyed. Holiday at home, not as prestigious as saying I was overseas but value for money never the less.

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