A Quickie

It’s a word short phrase that can conger up many an idea in people’s heads, I’m talking about the “quickie”. Mine is that of an earnest woman who waits for any and all opportunities to have a “quickie”. I love the whole idea of them until it’s over and I wish I had it longer, as we all do when we finish things we enjoy.

I take time to prepare for it, I shower and get ready so when it starts I am fully prepared. I am fully involved in my mental and physical space for it, it makes me happy. I also share it with as many people as I can that I am having a ‘quickie’. That way people are prepared to allow me to do what I need to get done in order to enjoy it. It sometimes involves these people, one’s I love having a ‘quickie ‘ with and they allow me the pleasure of sharing them as well.

I jump in and out of this space frequently and teeter between having one a week, but lately due to various factors lately, heat, tiredness, Christmas, animals it has been a while since my ‘quickie’ was for me. I am having one today. I am excited about it. I’ll let you all know how it turns out once I’m finished.

I’m talking about a quick trip to Adelaide, less that 24 hours from leaving home to getting home, I heading into the market for a solo breakfast and up the freeway back to the farm… other than that I don’t know what your all thinking about!!

Enjoy your Saturday people

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