Road Toll is Down but “King Hits” are up

It is quite distressing isn’t it, all these young men and they are young men, being punched and killed in ‘unprovoked attacks’? It makes both me and Huz shake our heads, as a parent I can not comprehend the grief that the parents must feel sitting at the bedside of their beautiful boys on the brink of becoming men, having to make decisions like, whether or not they will live, what sort of quality of life will they have and if they are not going to live, they will be asked to consider organ donation. Why? would be the greatest question of all, why did they go out? why were they in the wrong place at the wrong time? Why did I (as a parent) not protect them enough?

Instead the questions that should be asked are why are these violent men allowed to be in a place both mentally and physically at the same time as my precious child? What makes these men so terrible? and they weren’t surely at a younger age? They have parents as well, nothing excuses their behavior, nothing. today we awake to another young man fighting for his life whilst the alleged attacker is ‘crying’ in court.. what is that? He obviously has enough emotions to cry but not enough not to hit, how does that balance out? well it doesn’t (in my opinion). It is actually hard to feel anything for the attacker isn’t it?

Are alcohol and the easy access to drugs the blame? I don’t know I don’t have any answers? it’s just awful and sad. But there are far more people distressed about these than gets reported. The first responders, the passers-by who render assistance, the paramedics, ambulance officers and police. Their efforts to transport this young man to hospital is always filled with determination and care. They care enough to will everybody they carry to live, they care for each and every one of them as if they were their own children.

Then they arrive in the emergency departments, where they are handed over with care to the Dr’s and nurses who feel despair for all involved. They work hard to get their charge to the operating theatre, a Doctor has to ring a parent and in this circumstance may even have to get consent over the phone to get him to theatre to save his life, so the parents may not even be able to get to the hospital to kiss their child before a life saving operation is done. It would be hard as they would be told the chances may be slim that he come out of the operating room alive.. imagine that trip.

Teams of Dr’s & Nurse’s will be engaged to transfer him to theatre, where new teams take over, after this another team in Intensive Care Unit to start the long journey to get him to survive. Every person from the first responders would be feeling terrible and sad, knowing they did the best job they were trained for doesn’t take the human element of care and compassion out of their work. The Ambo’s may have even stayed to hear if they made it to theatre and into ICU. ICU would be fielding calls from all of these people as they would want to know how the patient is going. Many after their shift would be going home to hug their children tighter and longer.

How do I know this, I was one of those operating theatre nurses, every person who came into my care and the teams I worked with were treated like a King or Queen. I would go home and worry and call the teams and even visit them once I returned to work, it’s normal human nature, not walking up to some one you don’t know and punching them so that they are unconscious before they hit the ground.

So the police and population have managed to get the Road toll the lowest it has been for many years, but as my Huz says looks like the “king Hit” is up. How do we educate our young men that “one punch can kill?” There is a QLD / face book campaign that perhaps now Tony Abbott can adopt this as a Federal Campaign or each state premier, something needs to be done. There are parents losing young men to violence and parents visiting their sons in Jails.