The Resolution Dilema

Now is the time isn’t it to look at your year in review and to see if you have done and achieved those things you set out to do? Did you set a New Years Resolutions and keep them? I didn’t … meaning I didn’t do either, I didn’t make new years resolutions so therefore I did not break any nor kept any. This doesn’t make me perfect, it makes me (in my opinion) smart.. I do not set myself up to fail (well that’s what I tell myself anyway)

Let’s start with “I’m NEVER Drinking AGAIN” I bet this is the catch cry of the morning for those that have been out had a wild night to add to the many you have had during the year, I bet you do. I know I do, not that I have had such a big night on the turps that I have not had reason to say this for years. The older one gets the harder it is to ‘back-up’ to function properly the next day and worse still to not feel like shite for a couple of days afterwards. I have spent the last couple of years moderating my drinking from not drinking bourbon anymore (at all) to mixing white wine with lemonade and stopping myself from drinking the last drop. I come from a “long line of alcoholics” and it is something I do not wish to become. I am one of those people who find it hard to have just ‘one drink’ so if I am driving I don’t have one at all.  Some people do not get along with alcohol at ALL, they become loud, aggressive, boorish and mean.. being funny when drunk is a short burst of time and can clear a party quicker than anything.

This is closely followed by, “I’m giving up smoking” lets face it if you are smoking in this day and age you need medical intervention to stop. We all know it causes cancer, there is no if, buts or maybe’s. People who smoke always defend their behavior and on New Years Day will put the ciggy’s away  (normally because they feel terrible from the amount they smoked the night before) and pick them up citing the excuses, “the kids/dogs/cats/parents/sun/moon/universe made me do it”. It has been over 18 years since I gave up this terrible habit and do not miss it at all. For women over a certain age smoking (30) you are giving your face terrible wrinkles, as it ‘suckers’ your face in every-time you draw in the smoke, for men it can actually cause impotence, cuts off blood circulation due to long-term use.

Here’s a classic “I’m going to lose weight” ah yea good luck with this, it is a really hard journey. Losing weight requires enormous willpower, in this multi billion dollar industry you can, body trim, weight watch, be Lite & Easy, fat blast, invite Jenny Craig into your home and have total well being by following calorie counts and or weigh, measure, scoop, get home delivered meals or eat protein bars and meal replace! I love food, I love the variety that is available to us and to be honest, dieting is about not putting so much in your mouth than is necessary and using up energy in the form of exercise to burn off what you are eating. The best most of us do is become Bridget Jones, where you don’t lose but you do not put on, I am good at maintaining my current weight. What people should work on is waist size to get it under the ‘here comes diabetes measurements’

Speaking of exercise ‘I’m going to become fitter” this is easy, it involves walking, riding, roller skating, skate boarding or roller blade (only some pursuits I have followed) everyday. You need to walk a minimum of 30minutes a day for good heart help, yea but what if it’s 40 bloody degrees? going out in it will give you heat stroke or just a stroke in general, so I stay inside. What happens when it rains? is cold? is in minus degree? well-being under the doona is a much better option, isn’t it? You could become a weekend warrior, you know these people they only exercise on weekends and ruin the daily exerciser route or area by dawdling along. All those joggers get a bit miffed when they have to run around you don’t they?

Speaking of running “I planning on doing a marathon this year” no? really? Guess what I’m not, I think. I know of many people who love to run marathons but I’m not one of them, I am happy doing my 3kms a day jogging on the treadmill, I walk 6kms in total and at the rate I am doing it would take me over 8hours to finish one. I am WAY too busy to do a marathon at that pace. Some days I feel I have done one, I am sure there are people out there who do this as well, parents running around after children, partners, at work, at home, just getting through some days is like a marathon.

I am going to be “debt free” this is a good one to work towards and will be helped if the credit card has not been abused to its last dollar during Christmas spending and if you only have a couple. Work out a budget be that weekly, monthly depending upon your debts and pay then try and stick with it.

I want to see my “family more”, well actually I do, living away from them sometimes makes it really hard and as the internet services to rural SA are SO BAD we can’t even Skype.  Many parents and children who live away from home for study or work too many hours or are away for other reasons this will involve more travel, cutting work hours and generally making time for the things you feel you miss out on.

What ever your resolution is, there is no magic solution to what you chose to do and what you chose to stick with. Good Luck!! I have not made any again this year as I figure it’s easier just to do what I feel is right for me. Happy 2014 may you all have a great year regardless.

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  1. I say, forget about the resolutions… but make it a daily practice to be kinder to yourself and each other, love more, laugh a lot more, and make peace with your dark side. Love you xox

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