And The Award Goes to…..

The media is full all day of memorable moments of 2013 here are a couple of mine and opinions on others: warning not noble prize-winning moments may bore some of you to sleep

I spent some of January in New York City, watching my mother and her choir Adelaide Philharmonia Chorus perform at Carnegie Hall along with another Choir from Brisbane and others from all over the world perform  Karl Jenkins The Armed Man: a Mass for Peace on Martin Luther King Day. It was bitterly cold there and stinking hot here, a very proud time of my life, the performance was worth the trip and the cold. Apparently Michael Hussy retired (he’s a cricketer) as well. Ita Buttrose becomes Australian of the Year, Cyclone Oswald hits and kills people in QLD and “the longest running Election (next to America) Campaign award ” goes to Julia Gillard who announces an election in September.

Looking at news reels of 2013’s TV stations and print media are claiming this as one of the most memorable moments and I say really, really is that it? In February this year “Jennifer Lawrence trips at the Oscars”. I know Jennifer Lawrence TRIPS AND FALLS!!! imagine that in front of PEOPLE, as well as cameras. Oh I can feel her embarrassment now!! WTF I say, I fall and trip constantly, the plate in my left wrist is a good indication of that and no I hadn’t been drinking either. I remember falling at my brothers 40th for no apparent reason and in front of PEOPLE. really that’s it for February. Let’s not forget in February Pope Benedict XVI announced he would resign. The award for ” I didn’t mean to do it” goes to Oscar Pistorius Olympic runner who shot and killed his girlfriend on valentine’s day (another alleged victim of domestic violence). On the domestic front our politicians in The House of Representatives has passed legislation recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the first inhabitants of Australia.

March came and went without much fan fare, but on a world scale the Catholics rejoiced with a New Pope,  the people in Europe protested at the Cyprus bail out. Reconciliation between Turkey & Israel is brokered through Obama. Back here in Australia The award for ]”he made me do it” goes to Simon Crean as he calls for a spill backing KRudd and Julia wins, he is back benched. Whilst overseas there is an alleged scandal involving perennial entertainer Rolf Harris

April was also a big month for me I planned and did another High tea fund-raiser for the Keith & District Hospital Inc with The Amanda Blair as guest speaker. If you ever get the opportunity to see this woman live, she is funny , compassionate, philanthropic and a women many girls should see as a role model. She puts herself out there warts and all. I still laugh at her daughters comment and shall never watch The Voice again without this running through my head (taken from Amanda Blair Facebook page)

“My 3 1/2 year old just shouted “Oh F—-ing hell Ricky…..just press the button dickhead” whilst watching the voice. Mmmm. I love a child who is passionate about her television viewing…….”

We lost Chrissy Amphlett, who could ever forget her school uniform? Chris Bailey from the Angels also passes away and the worlds most famous race horse “Black Caviar” retires. The award for “it’s all your fault” goes to John (Singleton) and Gai (Waterhouse) as they forgot to play nicely at the racetrack, a bit of pushing and snide comments make us poor mortals howl with laughter at their bad behavior (well I did anyway).

May sees “sports parent of the year award” goes to “John Tomic” for head butting his sons tennis partner. The lovely Hazel Hawke passed away, we applaud the disability care package and I watch with horror at a grown man who chases a piece of leather around an oval point out a young girl and yell ‘racist’ and then we watch as she is marched off alone to be evicted from her guardians. To this day I can not look at that player without shaking my head, imagine if it was his daughter – the backlash would have been swift and loud, not to say she did the right thing but compared to some of the comments that would have gone his way that night, she was singled out, in my books OVER REACTION. Then to back this up Eddie everywhere is even more racist and gets to cry on TV to make an apology PLEEEEEEEEEASE!

June brings in the end of financial year – and we say goodbye to the “treaty Yea” man  M Yunupingu. We shed tears for Jill Meagher, and our 40th soldier who dies in Afghanistan. The award for “I’m not going to be your friend anymore” goes to  KRudd  as he topples Julia Gillard, she leaves with dignity and he leads our country to an election. Community Group of the year goes to the Victoria Police who capture, prosecute and jail Jill’s Killer.

July is my birthday month and the month KRudd tries to undo all of his and hers policies. The “WTF award” goes to all those that signed the agreement with PNG for the ‘boat people’ to be housed there and a big shout out to our sailors who constantly rescue asylum seekers, this month 189 rescued whilst only 11 die. Huz catches yet another feral kitten, brings him home, he gets called #Gatsby and is desexed.

August sees the fire starter from Quakers Hill sentenced after the death of 11 elderly, KRudd bring the election forward by one week and the award for “did you really support this program?” goes to Essendon football club as they are charged by the AFL as bringing the game into disrepute. The stories have us all scratching our heads with their supplements regime. Huz finally has a birthday and we are now the SAME AGE (AGAIN)

September sees “the winner of the election” award goes to Tony Abbott as he is installed as our Prime Minister. KRudd looses and quits as Leader

October sees Mark “Chopper” Read die, the worst bushfires since 1960 hit the Blue Mountains. ACT passes same-sex marriage law and WA wins the “dog ate my homework excuse of 2013” after losing over 1375 votes from the Federal election.

November sees our friend Gai (Waterhouse) win the Melbourne cup (after 20 yrs plus of trying) Bart (Cummings) to be fair didn’t have a horse running. The world becomes slightly safer after 66 people are arrested in child pornography ring. The “please explain award” goes to Tony Abbott to explain why Jakarta was bugged by the Labor Government. Joe Hockey denies the Archer Daniels Midland take over Australian grain handler GrainCorp and the award for the “great escape” goes to Dr (said very loosely here) Jayant Patel gets two-year suspended sentence for lying to gain employment. Not for allegedly killing and maiming people allegedly. KRudd also get the “I’m packing up my bat and ball and going home” award as he quits politics.

December sees the High Court squash the ACT same-sex marriage law and devalue people all over Australia. Qantas announces its broke and jobs are being axed, Holden announces its leaving the country and giving it’s workers 4 years to get a job and finally the award “play nicely in the playground” goes to the Liberal Government who agree to the rules and regulations to stop ‘spying’ on Jakarta. We also mourn the loss of Nelson Mandela

I hope you all enjoyed your year, for those that lost loved ones, who face challenges daily and those that just feel isolated or the disenchanted look forward to tomorrow. Let there be a tomorrow for you and those around you that love you and care for you get the opportunity to do it daily not just at this crazy time of the year.

Tomorrows blog – my take on New Year’s Resolutions..