Doesn’t that word ring fear into the hearts of the non maths uninitiated? well it does mine and I am at the end of an assignment that requires me to do a lot of it and I’m sick of it. I do understand it’s dividing the smallest number by the largest number and multiplying by 100 but it’s irritating me today applying it to the depreciation book value of some figures I have in-front of me.

why am I doing it you ask? frankly today I wished I wasn’t but I am completing my Financials for Non-Finance Managers subjects BSBFIM501A & BSBFIM601A. This is recommended by Women On Boards to have as a bare basic knowledge when applying to go onto a board. To be able to read and understand the financials of any organisation you join. It protects you and protects them, it gives you an idea on Liquidity, Activity and the Equity of the organisation.

I have chosen a popular tourist attraction here in South Australia and am now working out the depreciation value based on book value and I must admit it’s doing my head in. I have pages of figures and calculations which do make sense but only in the application to which they are applied, as we know a financial statement is only a snapshot r picture of that business at that point in time (so then why am I going or asked to go back 3 years to compare) insert sookie face and over-it attitude here.

I will however finish it today as I need to move on to other things, i did start my day helping the huz draft lambs and by doing a 6km walk.  Following my thoughts over the weekend, some may be pleased to know we have had rain and that is always a good thing. enjoy your Monday everybody.