Christmas time

It’s that time of year in Australia, it’s summer, it’s dry and we are days off Christmas day. I confess I am a Christmas celebrator, I embrace the tree, I look forward to pulling it out after the annual pageant and daughters birthday. I get it out and put it up starting with the lights. This year though I must admit I have left it later than normal. It for some reason doesn’t feel like Christmas yet, I feel no excitement for the coming day.

I have put the lights on the tree that I have had for about 5 or more years and after one night they stopped working. I turn the lights off (fire prevention) once we go to bed a habit when having a real tree so it was with dismay living in the country, no where close to buy lights, I told my daughter. She then advised me of her recent purchase of lights from a store for AU$8.00 so knowing I was heading to a bigger township Naracoorte for my studies I knew they had a store of this kind there, determined I was to get lights for the tree.

Then whilst explaining my predicament to my study group I was asked “why don’t you just change the bulb? surely you have spares for it?” simple question yes? But I laughed and would love to know who would really spend a couple of hours sitting with Christmas tree lights with a spare bulb, pulling them out one by one and putting in a new bulb turning them on each time and seeing if that was the one out of 50 bulbs that had blown. No really, do you know anyone who would do it versus purchasing new ones for AU$8.00?

So with the lights sorted, I placed only 2/3rd of the decoration on the tree, I have a felt Father Christmas that was made in 1990 by my beautiful daughter, that I hang each year with pride. I went along to her school after purchasing all the materials, beads, glue etc cutting out all the shapes and got the kids to make these to take home for Christmas. I love it, it brings back fantastic memories. (see picture below)

Things I haven’t done yet (first time ever) I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping. I haven’t put up the rest of my Christmas lights, window decor and I have no presents to wrap to place under the tree. I don’t write or post cards I put the money towards a charity like the Salvo’s or buy food and put it in the collection cubicles for Hutt Street Centre to make up Christmas care packages for the disadvantaged. It saves other people feeling like they need to send me cards as I don’t return them or send them first.

I have downloaded some Christmas songs for my iPod, but with the new settings haven’t been able to work out how to transfer them across. Technology is failing me, never mind things will change it is only 16 days or 17 sleeps for those that have an advent calendar.



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