It’s time for things to change

Heated days which lead to a state of distress.

The struggle to assist when things seem so bleak

I want to run away from here

But that is not going to be a solution

I wish for you to appear to be like it use to be

But that is my secret wish to see you one more time.

I hate the days of thunder, it seems issues keeping heating up

I look to the horizon hoping things will change

I see, watching, pacing, not sleeping, a face lined with worry

We see the Lucerne drying out and wonder what next

We look to the calendar and wonder how much longer now

We get promises of your arrival and predictions of better times to come

But it appears this is all wrong

I am powerless to help and can offer very few words

It’s been so long since we have seen you


One thought on “Thoughts

  1. This speaks so clearly to my heart, and comes from your heart… I understand your distress and desire for the rain, once a farmer, always a farmer! Take care my friend, thinking of you always with love xoxox

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