Elders in trouble

There is nothing more to express here, there will be more said about this company than those this will affect – city based jobs – country based people the balance is not tipped in primary producers way.

Bullys Beef


Copied from the abc news on-line – how can primary producers be expected to trust these companies when they can not get their accounting right? For a long period of time now, primary producers have kept saying they are selling at less than the cost of production and these words seem to fall on deaf ears.

Many rely on companies such as Elders, who provide services such as stock agents, real estate agents, banking, investment and wonder why there is a high level of apathy out in the community when dealing with these types of companies. I hear time and time again how farmers are unhappy with outcomes of livestock sales, land sales and a general MIA of agents when it goes dry. No agent offers a solution other than it’s the meat buyers fault,” it’s the weather”, it’s an over crowded market”. etc. At the end…

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