Offending the partner

The farmer in the house my Husband, Huz as I sometime refer to him, reads my blog and got soooo offended that I commented on the fact he left the dishwasher un-emptied, he has been at great pains to tell me what HE did do last week, not what he didn’t. Firstly I must mention when he went to unload the dishwasher it was dirty (I didn’t have the heart to tell him I never set it going when I left) so where he is thinking he ran it through twice I suspect it was only once. Then we have a carving fork which is from an era long ago that I know is no silver as it rusts when in the dishwasher. I try not to place it in there and when I went to unload it the prongs of this fork were sticking out of the bottom of the cutlery basket thus blocking the bottom rotating washer hence getting dirty dishes.

Whilst I am away he does everything, he is fantastic at keeping a daily diary of the things he does on the farm so this was shown to me with emphasis on the daily activities. He has done 16km of fencing  on his own and enormous achievement in any mans (persons) activities. he checks all of the stock daily, feeds out hay, moves them from one paddock to another and cares for the house pets, (I mean shed cats), of which Pete the Golden Retriever is one. Pete is time-consuming on his own, he requires 2 feeds a day now, half in the morning half at night with half a cup of milk in each feed along with his thyroxine tablets and coat to go to bed with if cold. He does work and he did do his own dishes, they were left on the dish rack (as evidence?) as he did not have time to put them away.. perhaps.

Today he has asked me to go around with him and check the cattle for bloat – this takes a good part of an hour, but I have opted to stay in and clean the fridge as nobody (somebody – NOT him) apparently has knocked over the pickle jar and the juice has spread all over the fridge and leaked out under the door. Couldn’t understand why he didn’t offer to clean it. I never inferred he did no work, but that was lost on him, he was indignant about the dishwasher, really the jetsons have a lot to answer for, surely by now we have appliances that unload themselves. Huz is also proud of the fact he has unloaded the dishwasher 3 times and put it on 3 times, if this is wrong he will tell me.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone, I’ll head out to the farmers market at Keith Hospital after I have done the fridge. It is too beautiful day to stay inside and finish my assignment.