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It’s still cold on the farm, Pete the dog still doesn’t get up till late and then he slowly meanders outside and comes back in to the warmth of his bed. We have had to change his feeding times of late due to ‘wind’ issues. He is now being fed morning and night and it appears to be working, it is reducing the 3am light on, open doors and being turfed outside. This was unsettling as it was distressing, everybody being woken from a deep sleep (including Pete), cats then went outside with him to offer comfort and then climbs the security screen when everyone wants to come back in, by then farmer in the house fast asleep leaving city wife to deal with the fall out.

This though normal, Pete is a 16 yr. old Golden Retriever who needs his aged care comforts. He is still my most loyal friend and companion and it is nice to see my experiment with his food is working. I think perhaps like humans dogs can go into starvation mode, he is use to being fed at night only, now he looks better, less bloated and certainly less offensive wind during the night. So it all a matter of timing.

One of my loveliest friends made the hard decision to put her beautiful cat to sleep yesterday after years of love and loyalty. I have had the pleasure of Star sitting on my lap during visits and know how this loss will be felt. Love to you Kate & Pete xxx. Kate
 who writes a fantastic blog and is an advocate for Dementia.

Things in life all happen for a reason, sometimes we don’t know understand this and perhaps become so self-absorbed that we internalize things that are minor and make them major issues. I have been offered an opportunity to become an agent for a medical consumable company and this in itself is throwing up numerous challenges, I have now gone back to calling people who, don’t return your call, tell you they are too busy to talk or worse still tell you off for calling during audits, meetings etc. This I find quite amazing because it sounds like I am meant to KNOW the stresses of their daily lives.

Why have I taken this opportunity? I still work for myself so my goals and achievements are measured by myself and I can work at my own pace whilst still studying and I am ready to head back into the crazy world of medical sales despite the phone calls, I am not deterred and most importantly companies don’t offer opportunities to country residents, so this was one we talked over and I have taken. Being a city girl, even after 10 years I still miss it, whenever I drive to the city to see family and friends it feels like home, something that my Huz still doesn’t understand. I am preparing to travel to the Northern Territory this week and I realize how nice it will be to get out of the cold and into warmth.  See Timing

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