Is your underwear & sock drawer an example of your life

I have been struggling with a few things over the first part of this year or in other terms, 3rd & 4th Quarter of the financial year. I was glad when the 30th June came around and I could put the last 12 months of struggle to rest. I have closed my retail outlet and feel no regrets about this. I will no longer put savings into propping up a dying business. Granted I still have stock but that can all be slowly sold or donated to charities. It was a hard decision but in the end it was harder traveling to the place everyday and not selling anything or seeing anyone.

I was asked why country retail fails, being in Adelaide on the weekend to buy a washing machine, it doesn’t take much to work it out. Going into a big shopping centre in the city only 2 1/2 hrs away, t-shirts $5.00 brand new 8 different colours, all the different sizes, more than you want. Handbags from $20 to $80, I can’t buy a handbag at wholesale for $20 so the bigger shops are killing the smaller country retailers. Just the trip of driving to Adelaide or from any country town to the city is a nice thing, it becomes a tourist drive regardless. You stop along the way, you have changing scenery, have a coffee, sometimes walk the dog in dog parks, meet other travelers, have lunch, buy fuel and continue on your way. All this has taken money out of your own region into a bigger thriving one.

I have not felt like me for the last month of my dying business, I have brought it all online and it is doing better with no overheads. Yesterday I even did the unthinkable whilst cleaning the house & using my new washing machine (sad that was a joy) I cleaned out my sock and underwear drawer. I know I wasn’t ready for this either, it is not something I do regularly, it is a ‘every now & then’ option. But I matched socks, threw socks out that had no partner, had holes in the toes or heels and culled the stockings I no longer wear. I didn’t limit this to my socks my underwear got the same action, I now have an organised drawer where I can reach in and pull out matching everything. I pondered this and realised it could have been an example of my life of late. Disorganised, unmatched and unfulfilled, in doing my drawer there is almost a surprise everyday in that I can pull anything out and put it on.

Silly I know, but I feel so much better knowing I don’t have to fight the separated socks from the pairs that don’t match except in the colour. I am taking it as new beginnings for the later part of this year or Quarter 1 & 2, new adventures and career opportunities coming my way.. watch this space. What are the drawers in your life that you can associate with how you feel? Is yours the underwear one as well or is it your kitchen ‘nick knack’ drawer? That drawer is one which i shall leave for another day

One thought on “Is your underwear & sock drawer an example of your life

  1. I love this blog… and suspect that darned (!!) sock and undies drawer might just be a reflection of our lives! Glad to hear you love your new washing machine too 😉
    Looking forward to seeing you on the 14th too… xox

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