Facebook Business Pages

Do they work? is my question.. I have two that I am constantly updating and have started blogs for and work on, but they are very stagnant. No matter what suggestions people give me, if I follow them I don’t get the ‘success’ other people seem to get or tell me that they get. I continually ask myself what am I doing wrong? or what is it that I do right?

With Facebook page insights and the biggest thing on my face book page http://www.facebook.com/AllOverMakeOver was when I posted about moving and closing down my retail outlet I had 477 views, I am still perplexed by this. I have posted product, offered free postage anywhere in Australia with NO success. I know my products sell, as I keep ordering them and I see people contact me and purchase so what it is that the page does wrong? I would love people to go over check it out and let me know I am open to suggestions. I have even purchased a ‘store’ so that product can be bought online. I have not attached my name to this but my logo and business name yet still with limited success.

The other page and business I own has a bit more traffic, I have invested in advertising and promotions for this page yet it is not giving me the success as I say others indicate they have. Do all pages make more than me? or is it that we follow so many people & businesses that we don’t have time to look at the posts and thus as I don’t perhaps they don’t?  http://www.facebook.com/PandaHats1

I offer these as donations to fund-raisers and so far of the numerous I have donated, I have received 2 thank you letters but NEVER a post on my wall, not a recommendation to purchase or a shout out on anyone’s page. I even donated to “Pregnancy Loss Australia” fund-raising dinner and never received a single thing. (by thing I mean thanks) This has disappointed me so much so that I wonder if people realise that these are purchased by me and people and associations make money from this at my generosity, though I do not expect payment I do expect a thank you. I will no longer be doing this which is a shame but necessary.

I ask what is it that I can do to get more traffic, to stimulate sales and to engage my audience? With so many business pages on Facebook I wonder whether we are just saturated with more goods than if we go to retail stores. I know I am not a ‘home business’ as such, I don’t sew bibs, I don’t do crafty things and in doing some of the markets I have done I have spent more to get to them than I got back, one I attended (my last one) there was approx 10 people walk through it that day and 2 of those my family. In these hard economic times running any business that relies on the foot traffic, page traffic, facebook page views and then these must translate to dollars what is the point of difference that makes you want to buy?