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Interesting I have a love hate relationship with facebook as I am sure we all do. It shows snippets of our lives, it invites us into the lives of people we admire, love and care for or want to be apart of like celebrities and look at businesses without being bothered by sales people or it helps people look into lives of others so that we can keep track of them.

I have had a girlfriend recently re-unite with a step daughter with whom she had been looking for for a while. I used it to create a page and orgainse a 30 yr High School reunion. That was fun, we posted pictures of our school graduation, school formal and then pictures in between. There were pictures from our 20 yr High School reunion and now our 30th. The fun and laughter and the rekindling of friendships would not have happened without facebook. Doing the 20 yr was hard as there was no face book, I sent letters and relied on others to chase people up. We have shared 30 years of our lives, a group of students who spent the formative years together, apart and now back together, even at the 30 yr reunion there was tears of opportunities lost. A lovely tribute to the closeness of a 200+ people where when meeting up after all this time, it felt like time had melted away, faces hadn’t changed that much but pathways lives and loves had. Isn’t that the beauty of it all, we can come together and feel like we had not been apart.

Face book has been great for those of us wanting to stay in touch with family & friends but what about the other side of it. The side where you don’t know who is watching, reporting and passing comment or judging? This is the part I don’t like, I also don’t like the bullying part and even at my age (I am the demographic that is on face book) it comes in a different form and that is of the passive aggressive veiled comments posted. These comments generate comments and questions but the person never answers honestly they just move on.

I followed the good advice of http://prakkypedia.prakky.com.au she has a great blog follow her, where she suggests that one should up date or delete their face book friends and twitter friends every now and then. I followed this advice as there are people or I should say were people that have moved out of my life and also had friends that I didn’t want my updates to be shared with. There is that lovely tool where you can block random people ‘friends of friends’ making rude or derogatory comments on your photos and status posts.

Today I found the blocking tool, boy did I have fun, my blog has been a problem for some people and yesterdays was also one. This was the passive aggressive comment on another ‘friends’ update so I private message her to see if she was ok, but that was ignored so I thought, I will block her.

See that is the beauty of our lives, don’t read me if you don’t like it, contact me direct if you want to comment, I would be more than happy to share the reasons why I blogged it, my contact details are easy to find, I will be more than happy to send them to anyone that wants them. Better than that block me! I blocked people that don’t even follow me but are friends on other people’s pages that I just don’t want them to know my business, troll into my page and make a judgement on my life. Is this over kill? perhaps but I enjoyed it 🙂

I didn’t even bother taking the time to check out their page I have no interest in face book stalking, I have plenty more I can do. I have been out this morning and helped my husband build a new sheep race. I have built a fire and pulled out the book work and have 3 cats inside and Pete the golden retriever asleep at my feet so, I find more pleasure in this than looking into the lives of others I wouldn’t necessarily ask them about if I were face to face with them.

I even went through and ‘unliked’ pages, sometimes the feed it too much or too often or just not relevant to my life. I also can stop stupid (in my opinion) unfunny jokes likes the ones from Mrs Browns Boys. It may just be me, but I don’t find it funny. Men dressing up in women’s clothing is really becoming passe really unless they are professional impersonators who just wow a crowd with talent and class. Mrs Browns Boys to me comes across as crude, rude and sexist, as I said could be me). Facebook gives me the opportunity to hide them, report them (which I have never done) and completely ignore them.

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  1. Good on you, I say! Prakkypedia’s advice is good, I did the same year when you first mentioned this site. Sounds like you’ve had a beautiful day on the farm. Love and hugs to you both, and the cats and Pete! X

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