I am good at finding trouble

As I dip my toes back into this world of blogging, I have missed it, yet I feel trepidation in taking off my training boots & socks and putting them out there. Of course this is a metaphor for myself. So much has happened since my last blog and I feel I have tempered and double checked myself and stayed out of trouble but this last couple of weeks I have found it.

It’s a bit like “where’s Wally” I am jumping, waving, yelling (in high visibility clothing) “here I am, bring it” Then BAM, it is in front of me and I have lost sleep because of my frustration and feelings of powerlessness caused by others. Its crazy in that the power of some can influence others into being irrational, thoughtless and well just plain mean.

I have been asked this week to remove tweets, face book postings as my words were taken as “being suggestive of others doing something illegal” This was not the intention what I was saying was what they did was immoral & unethical, but I took them down none the less and purely in respect to the writer not to those that found me controversial. Some of you would say I conformed, the posts were left for an entire 12 hours before I was given a call out. So for all intents and purposes it worked, it tweaked the conscious of those that were involved and made others begin to ask questions.

I am still getting messages about it, I can not for the life of me sit back and watch people or women not having ‘contracts renewed’ by others who should know better. Or for my thinking perhaps they do not know better, it is bullying and it is unprofessional. This was done with no notice and after original contract had already expired and there is nobody qualified enough to take her place. How does this make good business sense? how is this NOT bullying? the majority of voters were male, there was one sane voice on this panel (a woman) that said “it didn’t make good business sense” but unperturbed they went ahead and made not only a woman jobless, a single mother jobless there was no performance based assessment here either by the way. In fact the previous meeting she was congratulated on her work, sadly this committee in both Constitution & Polices do not have any mechanisms in place to protect the workers (or each other). There is no bullying policy, no access & equity, no organisation chart where the CEO is in control of operations, it has no equal opportunity policy and no disability policy, in fact these documents read like they were when incepted probably back in the 70’s. There has been no forward thinking officer here that has introduced them, made themselves and the other members accountable for actions and worse than that has perhaps not seen a need if they themselves may be like it. See you can all read the trouble that is coming my way once I post this. I wanted to be part of this group as I originally felt they were working towards a good cause, fighting the good fight as they say but the leader dissuaded me, I was too weak to say hang on “I’m doing it”.

I have had numerous people ring, email, call wanting to know how to change it as this panel is making decisions that are going to affect the entire community with NO consultation what so ever. This will never work out fairly, nor in my own opinion, be of  benefit to anyone, so why do others do this? Perhaps they are tired of the fight and instead of putting their hand up and asking for others to step in they put their heads down and stumble along, sitting biding their time till their time is up. Perhaps they could be megalomaniacs where there has to be an outcome and their outcome is the only outcome that can be reached? Perhaps they have the rescue syndrome in that they see themselves on a white horse, sword waving, long hair blowing in the wind not seeing themselves popping fingernails as they are clutching onto some else’s tried & tested ideals that are slowly sliding off the cliff. I don’t know I am only assuming but really if you don’t want to do the job, why stop others who are performing? Why grunt at them instead of greeting them, it’s rude and terrible behaviour for adults in (supposed positions that deserve respect).

There is no shame in stepping down, paving the way, creating opportunities of succession, really there is none. So why do we hang on to old ideals, ‘go with the flow behaviour’ or  follow the leader no matter how ill-advised this can be. Even leaving early is better than being the last one standing. No one thanks you for staying late as the mess is still there the next day when you could have started to clean earlier had they gone home. Being a good effective leader is having the ability to move aside, everyone is replaceable no matter how important you are (or think you are) or what position you create or are in. There is always someone who can step up, they may (luckily) not have the same qualifications as yourself but they may also come with great forward thinking ideas.

When you work in an industry where ‘best practice’ is expected on a daily basis then it should be expected on the Panels, Boards, Committees and workers associated with that work place and those same rules are applied to themselves. A good committee, Panel or Board works well with CEO’s and staff to ensure that operations are run well, they should not step into the Operations arena  at all. I am yet to find a document on google that says this is a good idea. This not only under minds their basic roles constitutions and policies, but that of the CEO, why have one (a CEO) in the first place if their decision is not going to be reflected and respected?

To those that want to know how to change it, become involved, make your voice heard, write to those involved, call them, make it known how you want them and yourselves treated. Don’t sit back and watch become engaged and engaging of others

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  1. Welcome back! Somehow I missed your blog in March, but it is great to see you blogging again. Stay well my friend, and have a great weekend. Maybe a coffee sometime is on the cards, even if we have to make a trip to Keith??

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