I’m back

I had taken to making my blog private for a while whilst I gather my thoughts on why it is I blog and open myself to negative criticism and gossip behind my back. a blog is after all just a blog, someone’s thoughts and opinions. They are objective as they come from a base of personal opinion.

So today I am re-entering a brave new world, one where I have to let go of those that do not wish to discuss topics with me that I have brought up. I am perhaps a bit too sensitive and the lesson being I should perhaps not post so much of myself on-line. I should choose topics that are safe, topics that do not discuss things, events or people and places that can not post a reply.

But then I feel this would not be true to myself, it would be conforming to please the minority not myself and as I started with a blog is just that a blog. written in first person as notes to one self a diary of snippets of one’s day or week, vignettes of a persons persona unless of course it is a business blog, where staying on topic is not only important it can be vital. Vital enough to bring money, clients and exposure to others.