Isn’t that a provocative topic? Just the word alone needs no introduction, no explanation but perhaps justification. They need to be treated with respect & care and in Australia registered. There is gun storage cupboards that need to be considered and ammunition that needs to be stored away from the gun, only the registered owner of the gun should know where they are kept. Not practical you say, but if we had the police out here and they ask me to show them to the cupboard, he can be fined for I am not a registered user nor owner of the gun.

The first time in my life I have been in close contact with a gun was when he put it on the table, by gun I mean a rifle, there is no need to have hand guns on farms they do nothing. I was taken aback when I saw it and for a fleeting moment I thought how irresponsible he has left it loaded and I verbally tackled him about this. He looked blankly at me and stated he never left anything loaded especially in the house. They look like weapons, they look like killing machines and in fact they are.

I heard him loading it last night before dinner and I asked what was he doing. When he pulled up in the ute after dark there was a fox the size of a dog on the front lawn and was worried as to the whereabouts of the puppy recently purchased. The puppy was inside as I heard her barking and thought she was again chasing one of his cats up a tree, but he suspects she was barking at the fox. I asked why he wanted the gun and he said to get rid of the fox and that explains the 20 dead sheep and lambs discovered 3 days earlier. He thought one of our dogs had run the mob of sheep till they fell, but is now convinced that it was the fox. An introduced species in Australia and a very unwanted one much like the rabbits. So he waited, the dogs bark all night when a fox is around and it keeps us awake, they and the chooks are safe they all have enclosed pens with fencing 8 to 10 feet high. He went out and waited in the dark but after 30 minutes in the freezing cold and the dogs ceased barking he gave up.

Guns are useful on farms, they help put injured animals to sleep, they help source food stuffs for other animals. He mainly uses his now for putting injured animals to sleep, he no longer kills for the sake of it and hasn’t done so for years. On our property we have cattle and sheep, but living amongst these mobs are kangaroos, emu’s occasionally deer from the national park and he allows them to live here. He states that they don’t eat enough or destroy enough of the crop to shoot them. I tried it once but being short-sighted and short in arm length it was too hard for me, so happily I don’t have to worry about these things though I did make him put it away last night after he came in.