the mother’s day classic

Well it’s that time of the year again, coming up to Mother’s Day and it’s a day years ago I could take it or leave it, even after having my daughter. I often wonder if it came from my mother who would work tirelessly with 6 of us, had a part-time job, was doing part-time studying and being wife who would enjoy a mother’s day lunch but that wasn’t the be all and end all for her and how we operated as a family. When we moved back to SA we then met up with her family and our cousins where we would have a BBQ and enjoy the day. Inevitably there would be an accident of some sort, broken bones, sprained body parts, burnt bits as well as food – wood BBQ’s in those days. Plenty of laughs, games that would end in tears and comments such as “stop your crying, or I’ll give you something to cry about”. Children and Adults were not immune to any of this, as well as wet clothes from the inevitable falling into a creek – where it would get cold or parents didn’t pack spare clothes so hypothermia may well have set in and kept many a child sitting in a car ‘sooking’. I think back and think about the amount of work it took for her to arrange for us to give her a ‘wonderful mother’s day’! I think all the parents were pleased when these picnics were cancelled and we met in our individual homes.

As my daughter got older, I loved getting the home-made cards, gifts from the .50c stall in primary school, where most of the mums would donate something for the children to buy. My daughter may not know this but I have kept all of her cards and home-made things in my filing cabinet. She would roll her eyes now and say “MUM” but she may not know how precious these things are to me and how much I look forward to sharing them with her children, my grand children when the time comes.

As we have all got older, my brothers & sister all enjoy spending time together and will do a mother’s day lunch or dinner. It is important to recognise the significant matriarch in our lives but being one of a close-knit family it is not something we don’t do regularly anyway. Mothers day now is the time to share and this year my daughter and I are doing the National Breast Cancer Foundation “Mother’s Day Classic” walk in South Australia, we are doing the 7.5km walk around the River Torrens and I can’t wait to spend time with her. I am looking to complete it before it ends 🙂 I am a walker but this will be my first one for charity or anything else other than myself. If anyone would like to sponsor me to do this all monies go to the Breast Cancer Foundation go to or if you prefer send a donation to the Keith Hospital as we sure need it here as well


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