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It’s Tuesday again and I am tired, I made a really nice Thai BBQ Chicken and dipping sauce last night as there is no white wine in the house, I choose to drink a couple of glasses of red. To end the night I had a couple of glasses of water and went off to bed. I was woken up at 245am with the worst case of indigestion I have ever had. I got up and searched the house for some anti-acids to abate the rising acid and chose to climb back into bed. I couldn’t lie down so I sat and watched the TV. At 0600 this morning it settled and I took a couple of Panadol and lay back down to sleep. DH choose to get up and get ready for his days work.

He comes in at 720am wakes me and says can you come and help now, to which this made me really grumpy. I had to drive the tractor a couple of kilometres to where he needed it. This isn’t hard I can operate most of the machinery on the farm, I think it’s important in case of emergency that you can pull a car or vehicle out of trouble with a tractor, and I drive it when we plant trees. DH is a kind man, he doesn’t kill things for the sake of it, he does not shoot kangaroos or emus for the sport, his philosophy is live and let live, “they don’t really eat enough to destroy a crop or take food from the farm animals” so we let them go. He believes we/they are all God’s creatures and deserve to be left alone if they are not dangerous. He shoots animals if they are suffering,injured or maimed.

This morning I had to witnessed one of these shootings, one of our bulls was ‘bashed’ by three other bulls and choose to sit under a tree, DH thought they had broken its leg. He took it food and water for the last couple of weeks hoping it would get better. It did not, it began to lose weight so he did the kind thing and assisted it. This is really confronting for me, I don’t like guns never alone being present when something is shot. I took the tractor in case the animal needed to be moved but he was still sitting where DH found him a couple of weeks ago. This was all before 0830am so it is very tiresome, it is a long day ahead.

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