Opportunities are of your own making

I have spent the morning assisting my mother. For those of you that do not know my mother and the choir she is president of and performs in have been invited to sign in Carnegie Hall in New York City in January 2013. What an absolute honor and thrill for these hard-working people. I am in the lucky position of being able to help write to companies for sponsorship opportunities for them. As you can imagine a ‘bunch of pensioners” finding the dollars to travel overseas at the moment is difficult, so I am only pleased to assist.

They came to the attention of Carnegie Hall and have been invited on to the Distinguished Concerts International New York Series as contemporary Welsh Composer Karl Jenkins is in residence and the Adelaide Philharmonia Choir and as an Australian Premiere performed his “Stella Natalis” last year and it was a resounding success. This is what has brought them to the attention of Carnegie Hall, it is all very exciting and very costly.

This Choir is the combination of 2 Adelaide Choirs that disbanded and united due to falling memberships and since then have been going from strength to strength in performances and recognition. In Adelaide they sing at Victoria Square unveiling of the Christmas tree each year and I remember vividly watching my mother perform with ‘Ice House’s Ida Davies’ one year at Carols by candlelight. They have created this opportunity as they have put in the work, turned up for practices and then performed. An opportunity of their own making, I am hoping to travel to New york with them next year so i can proudly say I have seen my mother sing in Carnegie Hall. To all my followers, if you know of anybody that can help with sponsorship – let me know.