I don’t like the word “shut up”

Isn’t it funny how over the years with all of the slang and the f word becoming part of main stream language, it doesn’t really rate with me as much as “shut up” does. It really is a conversation stopper, a mean way of making others feel inferior, small and terrible. I find the delivery is not so much the question but the word itself is just so heart stopping.

I said it to DH (Dear Husband) this morning as a joke and then instantly regretted it. He took it as a joke, as I have been up running round preparing for 20 people coming for lunch today since 830 whilst he has sat, had a cooked breakfast (yes I cooked it whilst preparing egg salad, doing a load of washing & cleaning) and then states “Oh Dear” at 10am” so I replied with shut up. He instantly laughed and got up and began to assist me. We talked about the word and how final it is and no matter the delivery it really is a conversation killer.

There is nowhere to go once it’s out there. To ‘shut up’ or to get some one to ‘shut up’ is really offensive. One must feel threatened by the conversation to say it, one must feel maligned to feel it and one must be at the end of their tether to want to put it out there, yell it or think it. I have tried for years not to use it, though you may not agree with anothers opinion, it doesn’t give one the right to put it out there. Change the topic, agree to disagree that is the kinder thing to do. This word along with a couple of others I try not to say very often if at all.