Fur is the New Black this winter

Isn’t this a controversial topic fur and fashion again. Did you know this, fur is back – real fur. How do I know this you may well ask? I have ordered some of a range of scarfs and vests for clients for winter. The tag says 100% real fur made in china. It feels like rabbit, so my apologies for those that are against the fur trade but here in Australia rabbits are the farmers enemies.

I still have in my possession a rabbit fur coat, in fact I have 2 one was my sisters and the other was mine. I think they were big in the 80’s. I also have my great grandmothers fur stole which is beautiful and floating around the family somewhere is an actual fox. Much like the ones you see from the 20’s where the paws clasp together to provide a fashion statement. I couldn’t part with them then and I can’t part with them now, I don’t know why but I like them and I use to enjoy wearing them. Then as animals became extinct and media was able to portray how furs were made it, PETA was born and so to the Faux Fur industry.

I don’t know if I can wear these fashions, but fashions they are, can you see yourself in one? There is no place for me to wear these furs so I keep them. I know Amanda Blair is a mad collector and wearer of fur, she has a collection of them and her listeners ring up and donate them to her. My mother also has a fur coat in her wardrobe and I suspect it may one day come home to me. It is about the history and the extravagance, it demonstrated a time and era when the greedy 80’s took hold. It is prestigious to have one and decadent to wear one. What will you choose this winter? Will you choose to partake – the scarfs are beautiful. head over to https://www.facebook.com/AllOverMakeOver  facebook page and check them out

.The fur scarf available from All Over Make Over facebook page


One thought on “Fur is the New Black this winter

  1. A hot topic!!!! I too have a real fur coat, given to me by a friend years ago who refuses for ethical reasons to wear real fur. I also have a real fox fur hat, beautifully warm, given to me by a dear friend in Sydney. However, along with most others who refuse to wear real fur, she wears leather shoes and belts and still eats meat. It never ceases to amaze me the double standards people have about such issues. Good luck with your new range too. xx

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