new begining’s

Being Sunday and all, it is time to gather one’s thought’s, plan one’s week and move it forward. I am determined to complete book work today. I started this yesterday when I thought I had queries to answer for the farm business for our accountant so once I had done this I would be in a prime position to answer the questions and move onto mine. With distress I opened the program to discover my last entry was 7 / 01/12 so I somehow have missed the entire quarter, that’s not so bad you may say but I have 3 sets of business books to do and it looks like I have no done any of them for this year (insert a deep sigh here) I spent most of yesterday doing the farm, last night writing proposals to assist a young girl in getting sponsorship to walk from Melbourne to Keith and today answering the questions about the farm books for the accountant. It is now I sit down to my own books.

I am yet to open them as I have other things I need to do and will complete these things before the books. It looks like it will be a long week. I have though booked a trip to Melbourne for the end of May, to see my brother & his family and a girl friend’s daughter’s 21st. I now have something to work towards, my books will need to be completed before then and into my accountant. She will be pleased.

Every time I complete something I feel it is a new start, I ALWAYS promise myself after doing book work I will start the next quarter doing it weekly so as to keep up, but some how I never find the time to stick with this internal promise. It will be new to complete it to move to the next month or next year. I would not make a great accountant as I delay this aspect of my life. DH keeps promising we will get a book-keeper but that is yet to happen… It’s the end of my Sunday and the New week is about to start. I am on a count down for the DON is back on Monday.. interesting thing this going back to nursing, I have liked it but I will be happy to hand it back..