Easter Sunday

Days have passed since I have blogged, it has been a big week and I have had a house full of lovely family guests since thursday night. Brothers and Nephews, Cousins and their Kids and today we are going to mix it up with friends from the district. It is a nice time but I miss my daughter. Working fulltime in the country now has me on call on weekends and unable to travel to see her. It will probably be 2 more weeks before I can get to spend time with her.

One of my brothers is a Doctor and he has come and gone and spent 1 night with us and his boys. He takes one look at Pete the dog and then says he’s either got Renal failure or Diabetes. Great, looks like I’m taking him off to the vet this week he has taken on drinking about 5 litres of water a day and puffs a lot. he is coming up 16 after all. Being 15 is equal to being 105 in human years so no doubt he is getting medical issues. Oh it’s going to be heart breaking loosing this pet. he has been next to me when nobody else could. I can not talk about it nor can I continue to blog of his impending demise. I will not let him suffer though, rest assured when it is his time, I will give the nod (for I won’t be able to speak through the grief).

It is lovely having family & kids here, we all get along, eat too much, drink too much and laugh loud and often and luckily our partners do as well. We plan meals and quiet time. If someone wants to head off for a nanny nap there is no yells of outrage or intrusion. All of their children get along and can play outside, these are seasoned campers. It’s lovely seeing our children enjoying each others company like we do as cousins. We have shared times of grief, with births, deaths & marriages, share times of joy with birth, deaths & marriages and most of all we share the common link of being family.Whilst we celebrate the resurrection of jesus Christ, for those believers our Christianity is what unties us, a common bond of being kind, caring and sharing. I hope all have time to sit and reflect today or enjoy sharing each others company or being on your own, whatever it is you choose to do today enjoy it for tomorrow is still another holiday… Hooray