the humdrum of life

It’s the thursday before Easter and the roads are frantic. I have been out and watched how busy the Dukes Highway is. People SLOW down, really is it that important for you to be early? The statistics are that 8 million vehicles drive on the Dukes Highway every year, so you have a high chance of having an accident if you speed. The roads in SA were fatality free last year so the police are hoping to keep them that way this year, so are we in Keith Hospital.

I have moved offices again and yet still paper seems to find me and multiply, it’s quite frightening how soon it accumulates. I know I have done them but I have lost my paper that has my footy tips on them. I got 5 last week and when I told DH he said to me God you are competitive. I still laugh when people who know me make statements like that as I feel I don’t hide this streak in my nature. I feel compelled to achieve and be part of a team and aim for the win. I think when one plays sports in teams at school, wining becomes part of the game.

Life rolls along and you get caught up in it, I read today a friends husband ate 6 grapes this week and he living on the edge must be a major achievement as they live in the river land and pick grapes. I wonder what the story is behind that? When I say humdrum I mean interesting, we do things in our jobs that appear repetitive and un interesting but they are interesting to others not doing the same role. We watch people with interest to see if something they do can help us in our own roles by making a task appear shorter, but achieving more when you job share and generally making things brighter for having worked with others. So whilst you are driving and travelling peeps, take time for breaks, listen to the traffic, drive to the road conditions though it may seem to take you longer you will arrive safely. I am lucky this week-end I have family coming – more family than I have seen for a long time, cats will be freaking out, dogs will be overfed (Pete will love it) and we shall share laughs and good times over a bonfire.