the juggling act

here I am 2 days from the easter break and very much ready for it.  Like many others, I feel the need for a long weekend. My days are not busier than others nor ar they any less busy than others they are just my days. I haven’t really worked fulltime for coming up 5 years and now that I am, I am feeling the consequences of it all.

In these last 5 years I have married for the first and (last time) in my life, to a man I love and respect dearly. Sometimes I don’t like his behaviour but that is a normal part of life. I was a full-time medical sales rep and then I wasn’t. I went from full-time work to opening a business which is still open and operational today. I began part-time work along with my running business travelling to the city and country balancing my lifestyle and family. Then just over two years ago I moved completely to the country and that was difficult and still is a bit for me. I miss the shops, I miss not being able to duck out to buy something after 6pm at night. I have had to learn to plan more, accomplish more in shorter spaces of time and to fit in. This doesn’t mean I am better at things it means I am more chaotic in my lifestyle. Mostly I miss my daughter, I miss seeing her and talking with her, now I have to fit in with her life (as it should be) as she matures in to the most delightful woman.

For those people working full-time getting that work / life balance is always a juggle. I admire people who appear to do it effortlessly for I am not one of those, I seem to appear as a mad woman on occasions who works with a mission. I goal set and work towards achieving those goals not matter how big or small they are. From where I sit or stand or walk many people face different obstacles or life circumstances and we are all thrown together in the same building so we function as a team. Support and encouragement are mandatory to get through the day. It is hump day again and I’m leaning towards a groundhog day, a complete repeat of every other Wednesday. Enjoy it people after today 1 more working day till the Easter break.