I have read twitter this week and to discover it has been stated my blog sounds like one of a megalomaniac, I went back and re read the blog and yes I must admit it does read that I am. I apologize. I never considered myself to be the only one that is helping to save the Keith Hospital but I have neglected to mention the army of people who are constantly working to achieve this aim, I take direction from them and work with them. I take this comment on board and apologize to all I have offended.

There is the Board of Management who have given in excess of 30 hours volunteer time (each) since the funding cut was announced. Our Chair is now on the current white pages for the South East in recognition of ‘the Aussie Way’. The community did a submission about this many months ago and he is now there a small way to honour his perpetual hard work. Our Keith Hospital Board have worked tirelessly and beyond the call of duty in keeping our hospital open so if I haven’t acknowledged them I am sorry. There is a community of over 1000 people in Keith who have not only put their hands in their wallets to keep the doors open, they have attended rallys, written letters and done countless hours of work to keep our plight in the fore front of the wider community and Government. Then there is the passerby who has bought raffle tickets, spread the word and offered words of support, these are the unsung heroes, ones that we do not acknowledge as we do not know their names. There are the nurses who give volunteer hours to keep the doors open and then there is the patient that continues to come along and use the facility and support the community & medical centre.

My blog was also  called ‘badly written tripe” sorry but I am not an author, I am just me and as you can read, I have lots of faults, I have lots of spelling errors that my daughter hates and sadly without malicious intent I offend people. Blogs are exactly what they are and I acknowledge it is self-indulgent, they are my feelings, expressions and emotions I do not start each one aiming to offend. I do give credit where credit is due and all of the Keith Community and public deserve the credit for saving the Keith Hospital. The comments on twitter are valid but sadly they are from an anonymous person so I can not call this person and apologise in person. I do try in my blogs to put that honesty across but I do respect others opinions and have taken them all on board, my hospital contract runs out mid April so we shall see if it is to be renewed, that is up to the CEO.

For the person who tweeted me, I thankyou for pointing out facts I was totally unaware of, to the people and community of Keith I never meant to disrespect your hard work. Blogging and tweeting are in the public domain and as such one must take good with the bad and it is lucky we live in a society where we can choose to delete me or read me, that is your choice, I suggest you delete me from your list for I appear to annoy you immensely

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  1. As you say my dear friend and fellow blogger, no-one else has to read our blogs! Hiding behind pseusodynyms and talking baout you behind your back, rather than to your face is rather cowardly. As you also know, this happens to me, and at least one girlfriend had the balls to tell me it was happening, even though she didn’t tell me who so I could take it up with them. There are people out there who prefer to speak unkindly about others without out accepting the honesty of their own words and actions, and then there are people like bloggers using real names who are brave and strong, and willing to be honest openly. Keep blogging, and don’t let these people hurt you too much. Using their comments as fuel to be better at blogging is at least one positive. xx

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