a good nights sleep and ready to take on everything

It has been a busy time, where I am settling into my new role. I spent part of yesterday at the Keith Hospital as nurse for the GP clinic, then was on call till 10 pm last night. Luckily nothing happened after I left and I was able to get to bed relatively early feeling slightly gastric. The gastro bug is sweeping through our school at the moment, I seem to be able to have held it off only with a small episode. Other than DH waking as soon as I turn everything off, where he tosses and turns, watches TV or turns the radio on I managed to sleep through it to wake at my usual time – which if you live in SA, that is an hour early.

Yes daylight saving has finished so that we are now half an hour behind QLD, I mark us against QLD as that is the crappy satellite TV service we get. We get ALL QLD rugby (both types) on the TV instead of the AFL so missed the Crows beating Gold Coast Suns and my team Melbourne being beaten by Brisbane. Brisbane have a special place in my heart due to their assistance with the Keith Hospital campaign where I was lucky enough to have a photo taken with them. So despite the defeat against my beloved Demons I forgive them. The size of the loss indicates that there are lots of new talent in these young men and most have to get use to change of state and leaving family behind, topped off by the death of Jim Stynes. It would have been a very difficult week for them.

I get the struggle to keep on top, I think we can all identify with wanting to come out tops but remaining average. We push ourselves to complete tasks, remain focused and sometimes neglect areas of our lives to keep on top of daily things. I have been so consumed with the responsibility of being the Acting DON of the Keith hospital I have not completed my walks this week and my back is feeling it. I have 5 baskets of washing (mine) to fold and put away, DH did his own as well as cleaning drawers out of mouse pooh (AGAIN) now nothing will live in the kitchen drawers not one thing, DH has been warned all the contents are going into a box to be rifled through if it is needed. 

I have stripped the bed and must clean up the mecurachrome mess from the bottle I dropped on the bathroom tile 2 nights ago. I soaked the bulk of the liquid up but dear there will be a red stain left from my tiredness. I am one of those people who when I tire I knock things over, trip over, drop and break glasses and have been known to fall and break bones. Lucky nothing major, I am not a calamity in motion I am just me.  I have washing to attend and a house to prepare for our Easter guests which I think arrive from Wednesday night onwards. We are very much looking forward to Easter as we are creating a tradition with my family, where they come with campers, children and a healthy attitude to do things. We have taught 11 yr olds to drive manual utes, we have walked on our property, they have helped with fencing, cooking in camp ovens, having a ladies lunch with Easter Bonnets and have a great time around the bonfire.

I must go I feel invigorated by my good nights sleep and the washing machine is beeping so it must be finished, I have a sink full of water and have completed washing all of the utensils from the drawers. I know I need an updated kitchen but I have decided I want to go to New York next January to hear my Mother & her choir sing in Carnegie hall. So the kitchen can wait !