I don’t like the word “shut up”

Isn’t it funny how over the years with all of the slang and the f word becoming part of main stream language, it doesn’t really rate with me as much as “shut up” does. It really is a conversation stopper, a mean way of making others feel inferior, small and terrible. I find the delivery is not so much the question but the word itself is just so heart stopping.

I said it to DH (Dear Husband) this morning as a joke and then instantly regretted it. He took it as a joke, as I have been up running round preparing for 20 people coming for lunch today since 830 whilst he has sat, had a cooked breakfast (yes I cooked it whilst preparing egg salad, doing a load of washing & cleaning) and then states “Oh Dear” at 10am” so I replied with shut up. He instantly laughed and got up and began to assist me. We talked about the word and how final it is and no matter the delivery it really is a conversation killer.

There is nowhere to go once it’s out there. To ‘shut up’ or to get some one to ‘shut up’ is really offensive. One must feel threatened by the conversation to say it, one must feel maligned to feel it and one must be at the end of their tether to want to put it out there, yell it or think it. I have tried for years not to use it, though you may not agree with anothers opinion, it doesn’t give one the right to put it out there. Change the topic, agree to disagree that is the kinder thing to do. This word along with a couple of others I try not to say very often if at all.

Fur is the New Black this winter

Isn’t this a controversial topic fur and fashion again. Did you know this, fur is back – real fur. How do I know this you may well ask? I have ordered some of a range of scarfs and vests for clients for winter. The tag says 100% real fur made in china. It feels like rabbit, so my apologies for those that are against the fur trade but here in Australia rabbits are the farmers enemies.

I still have in my possession a rabbit fur coat, in fact I have 2 one was my sisters and the other was mine. I think they were big in the 80’s. I also have my great grandmothers fur stole which is beautiful and floating around the family somewhere is an actual fox. Much like the ones you see from the 20’s where the paws clasp together to provide a fashion statement. I couldn’t part with them then and I can’t part with them now, I don’t know why but I like them and I use to enjoy wearing them. Then as animals became extinct and media was able to portray how furs were made it, PETA was born and so to the Faux Fur industry.

I don’t know if I can wear these fashions, but fashions they are, can you see yourself in one? There is no place for me to wear these furs so I keep them. I know Amanda Blair is a mad collector and wearer of fur, she has a collection of them and her listeners ring up and donate them to her. My mother also has a fur coat in her wardrobe and I suspect it may one day come home to me. It is about the history and the extravagance, it demonstrated a time and era when the greedy 80’s took hold. It is prestigious to have one and decadent to wear one. What will you choose this winter? Will you choose to partake – the scarfs are beautiful. head over to https://www.facebook.com/AllOverMakeOver  facebook page and check them out

.The fur scarf available from All Over Make Over facebook page


The Community is only how big???

I come back to doing a blog my life has changed again, isn’t it funny how things move so quickly, you get settled and then thump there it is. It’s time to create another opportunity and chance for you to take or leave behind. The Community of Keith is vast  not just in kilometres but in the people who support it. Though the statistic state it has a population of 1089 and declining you would not think that from the support the Keith & District Hospital gets. Over the last 18 months the ‘community’ of Keith have helped raised over $350,000 and this figure continues to get added to on a weekly basis.

I ask the question is this enough to sustain the Hospital for the long-term. We know the answer is this is not probably but it may be a possibility. There are many determined not to let it close, there are groups such as the Ladies auxiliary, the Keith Hospital Action Group, the Keith war memorial society and the cog strippers to name a few. Most of the fund-raising events the money is donated to the hospital and more so in the last couple of years than ever before. The Hospital has received money from city folk, people who drive by and from all over the globe.

The community needs to be congratulated by our Government, instead of making this a political story to suit the needs for the day, we would prefer a thankyou keep going what say we match you dollar for dollar. I find myself without a job in the hospital today, it is not really a shock it just makes me feel a bit angry. I want to be there I want to help, instead the finances need to be considered first and this is good management more than anything else. I feel confined now by my own anger, it is only my doing, career opportunities come along rarely in a country town and I thought I had one. Any who it’s time to put it behind me and concentrate on fund-raising and keeping the hospital open.

new begining’s

Being Sunday and all, it is time to gather one’s thought’s, plan one’s week and move it forward. I am determined to complete book work today. I started this yesterday when I thought I had queries to answer for the farm business for our accountant so once I had done this I would be in a prime position to answer the questions and move onto mine. With distress I opened the program to discover my last entry was 7 / 01/12 so I somehow have missed the entire quarter, that’s not so bad you may say but I have 3 sets of business books to do and it looks like I have no done any of them for this year (insert a deep sigh here) I spent most of yesterday doing the farm, last night writing proposals to assist a young girl in getting sponsorship to walk from Melbourne to Keith and today answering the questions about the farm books for the accountant. It is now I sit down to my own books.

I am yet to open them as I have other things I need to do and will complete these things before the books. It looks like it will be a long week. I have though booked a trip to Melbourne for the end of May, to see my brother & his family and a girl friend’s daughter’s 21st. I now have something to work towards, my books will need to be completed before then and into my accountant. She will be pleased.

Every time I complete something I feel it is a new start, I ALWAYS promise myself after doing book work I will start the next quarter doing it weekly so as to keep up, but some how I never find the time to stick with this internal promise. It will be new to complete it to move to the next month or next year. I would not make a great accountant as I delay this aspect of my life. DH keeps promising we will get a book-keeper but that is yet to happen… It’s the end of my Sunday and the New week is about to start. I am on a count down for the DON is back on Monday.. interesting thing this going back to nursing, I have liked it but I will be happy to hand it back..

Easter Sunday

Days have passed since I have blogged, it has been a big week and I have had a house full of lovely family guests since thursday night. Brothers and Nephews, Cousins and their Kids and today we are going to mix it up with friends from the district. It is a nice time but I miss my daughter. Working fulltime in the country now has me on call on weekends and unable to travel to see her. It will probably be 2 more weeks before I can get to spend time with her.

One of my brothers is a Doctor and he has come and gone and spent 1 night with us and his boys. He takes one look at Pete the dog and then says he’s either got Renal failure or Diabetes. Great, looks like I’m taking him off to the vet this week he has taken on drinking about 5 litres of water a day and puffs a lot. he is coming up 16 after all. Being 15 is equal to being 105 in human years so no doubt he is getting medical issues. Oh it’s going to be heart breaking loosing this pet. he has been next to me when nobody else could. I can not talk about it nor can I continue to blog of his impending demise. I will not let him suffer though, rest assured when it is his time, I will give the nod (for I won’t be able to speak through the grief).

It is lovely having family & kids here, we all get along, eat too much, drink too much and laugh loud and often and luckily our partners do as well. We plan meals and quiet time. If someone wants to head off for a nanny nap there is no yells of outrage or intrusion. All of their children get along and can play outside, these are seasoned campers. It’s lovely seeing our children enjoying each others company like we do as cousins. We have shared times of grief, with births, deaths & marriages, share times of joy with birth, deaths & marriages and most of all we share the common link of being family.Whilst we celebrate the resurrection of jesus Christ, for those believers our Christianity is what unties us, a common bond of being kind, caring and sharing. I hope all have time to sit and reflect today or enjoy sharing each others company or being on your own, whatever it is you choose to do today enjoy it for tomorrow is still another holiday… Hooray


the humdrum of life

It’s the thursday before Easter and the roads are frantic. I have been out and watched how busy the Dukes Highway is. People SLOW down, really is it that important for you to be early? The statistics are that 8 million vehicles drive on the Dukes Highway every year, so you have a high chance of having an accident if you speed. The roads in SA were fatality free last year so the police are hoping to keep them that way this year, so are we in Keith Hospital.

I have moved offices again and yet still paper seems to find me and multiply, it’s quite frightening how soon it accumulates. I know I have done them but I have lost my paper that has my footy tips on them. I got 5 last week and when I told DH he said to me God you are competitive. I still laugh when people who know me make statements like that as I feel I don’t hide this streak in my nature. I feel compelled to achieve and be part of a team and aim for the win. I think when one plays sports in teams at school, wining becomes part of the game.

Life rolls along and you get caught up in it, I read today a friends husband ate 6 grapes this week and he living on the edge must be a major achievement as they live in the river land and pick grapes. I wonder what the story is behind that? When I say humdrum I mean interesting, we do things in our jobs that appear repetitive and un interesting but they are interesting to others not doing the same role. We watch people with interest to see if something they do can help us in our own roles by making a task appear shorter, but achieving more when you job share and generally making things brighter for having worked with others. So whilst you are driving and travelling peeps, take time for breaks, listen to the traffic, drive to the road conditions though it may seem to take you longer you will arrive safely. I am lucky this week-end I have family coming – more family than I have seen for a long time, cats will be freaking out, dogs will be overfed (Pete will love it) and we shall share laughs and good times over a bonfire.

the juggling act

here I am 2 days from the easter break and very much ready for it.  Like many others, I feel the need for a long weekend. My days are not busier than others nor ar they any less busy than others they are just my days. I haven’t really worked fulltime for coming up 5 years and now that I am, I am feeling the consequences of it all.

In these last 5 years I have married for the first and (last time) in my life, to a man I love and respect dearly. Sometimes I don’t like his behaviour but that is a normal part of life. I was a full-time medical sales rep and then I wasn’t. I went from full-time work to opening a business which is still open and operational today. I began part-time work along with my running business travelling to the city and country balancing my lifestyle and family. Then just over two years ago I moved completely to the country and that was difficult and still is a bit for me. I miss the shops, I miss not being able to duck out to buy something after 6pm at night. I have had to learn to plan more, accomplish more in shorter spaces of time and to fit in. This doesn’t mean I am better at things it means I am more chaotic in my lifestyle. Mostly I miss my daughter, I miss seeing her and talking with her, now I have to fit in with her life (as it should be) as she matures in to the most delightful woman.

For those people working full-time getting that work / life balance is always a juggle. I admire people who appear to do it effortlessly for I am not one of those, I seem to appear as a mad woman on occasions who works with a mission. I goal set and work towards achieving those goals not matter how big or small they are. From where I sit or stand or walk many people face different obstacles or life circumstances and we are all thrown together in the same building so we function as a team. Support and encouragement are mandatory to get through the day. It is hump day again and I’m leaning towards a groundhog day, a complete repeat of every other Wednesday. Enjoy it people after today 1 more working day till the Easter break.