when ones word is not good enough

I get questioned a lot not just in my job but also in the volunteer work I do. I am finding if some people do not like to hear the answer they go fishing else where, what is that? Now that I work in the hospital, some wish to go to the new CEO with the same questions, he is even perplexed about this practice, especially when I tell him that I feel that I have answered these before. The comment was even made, that he received 2 phone calls both asking the same questions and I stated that this is common practice, they have obviously gotten together formulated the questions and called separately. They are on a fishing expedition, I have told others in confidence that I will not reveal their names for offering us assistance and this I will not divulge and no one respects this. Should one feel affronted about this?

I refuse to hand over information others have asked me to keep confident. I understand this terminology and have given everybody the information regarding these issues, handed out direct contacts but I will not give the names of people who wish to remain anonymous what reason would I do that. The people looking for this information though in positions where they need to maintain a high level of privacy & confidentiality there are some pretty big leaks. Why is confidential information sharing ok for some and not for others. I will not give in to these requests, not to anyone. I respect these people and I want them to respect my word of secrecy for I value the assistance they can give us.

It doesn’t make me feel offended I actually laugh at the fact that people can not respect my word. It is obviously not good enough and some feel (perhaps I am unsure as I have no idea of their motives ) their position gives them rights. Perhaps they want to ‘out’ me as a liar or not telling the truth. Why can is just not be that there are some people who want to help and not want people to know, their motives are pure in deed and action but just do not want the publicity. I will continue to work and maintain this privacy at all costs, it is not making me friends but with friends like that as they say – who needs enemies.

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  1. You are in a delicate position as a DON, but you are 100% RIGHT never to leak anything told in confidence, in order to remain the keeper of others secrets. That is the whole point, and well done you for not buckling to any pressure.

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