change is a happening

well here I sit in my office, having been and visited all of the residents, spoken with staff and sent a thank you to Fantastic Furniture for their wonderful donation for our Doctor’s house. It is truly amazing the lengths that some people go to to share and want to be involved.

I have had a knock at the door and in she came, one of our senior staff members and an assistant in helping change. We had identified a process in her department that has needed to be changed for a long time and without any input she has done it. Well done you! I am thrilled to see that the small amount of support you have been given has driven a major and corrective change within her department. This is major progress, a giant step into the 20th Century and leading by example is always preferable than being dragged. I always had the confidence in her to do this.

I am a good conduit for change, I take challenge in assisting this to happen and I take pride in trying my hardest not to offend people along the way. It is hard to master, people are some times precious as they take it as a personal insult to tried and tested practices. I have leapt into this job thinking I was doing projects and fundraising, instead I find myself elbows up into legislation, Aged Care Funding, Bed stats, nursing shortages, staff contracts and Board Meetings. Somehow within a 3 week period I have made this leap.. I surprise myself at times and this is one of those times, I am tired today as my days have gotten longer to complete the tasks I have started. I have a list though I am working through it still appears to get longer, one of my beautiful sisters called last night to ask if I ok as I have not twittered as much. It is hard at night as I am on call 24/7 currently and I am reading Aged Care guidelines for idiots, Operating theatre is my speciality and this is all new.

My change in life is evolving and I hope that I am supportive to the staff and residents. Effective in bringing change for the better and knowledgable enough to ‘pull this off’ in the short-term 🙂

One thought on “change is a happening

  1. I am sure you will evolve into your new role brilliantly, you are highly intelligent and educated, and able to not only be the conduit for change, you accept change and adjust your own hems well accordingly. I hope you are happy as you make your new life with your husband and community, and that they embrace you as you have them so well. xx

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