to hump or not to hump?

It’s Wednesday and my week seems to be slowing down, the juggling act that commenced on Monday seems to be how I am rolling this week. It is a rubber necking sort of ride, every twist and turn has me performing many a change in direction and challenge. It is salon day at the Keith Hospital, where mani’s, pedi’s, hair washing and drying is to be performed. I love the nurses here they ensure every woman resident regardless of mental status, bed status are all taken to our lovely hairdressers and are given the treatment. It is a joy to see how they take the hands of the confused and gently guide them to normality even for a little while. Kate Swaffer I hope this gives you a small comfort with your ever-growing dementia.

But to hump or not to hump had me lying in bed contemplating doing the Aussie thing (no not THAT) but throwing a sickee. It was warm and I feel rested and secure in my bed. I no longer need an alarm my body clock has me awake most mornings at 6am so I can do my walk, this morning I must admit I choose the option of catching a few extra zzz’s. I know it’s going to be a long day, with the follow-up from yesterday still to be complete and board meeting tonight I will not be home till 10pm or later. How hard is it to function when you feel heavy-headed not from a cold but from tasks and timelines, talking too much and typing. I feel lucky though I have a job that is offering security, challenge and has invigorated my nursing skills again.

Now the challenge for me is to not count the hours down till I go but to be involved, relevant, engaged and communicative in order that every one feels worthy, wanted and happy. I watch the stroke victim being challenged to walk and he hates it, but I see the carer encouraging, cajoling and responsive without harsh words. These are some of the reasons why I love the Keith Hospital and am fighting to save it, it is unique, it is relevent and they are a family.

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  1. If/when the times comes, I think we’ll move to the Keith District Hospital, so make sure you remain the thorn in the government as much as you have the energy for!!

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