Why are Monday’s so Hard

I rarely struggle on a Monday but today I am. I ran around last week like a mad idiot and came to a screeching halt on Sunday. I was in Adelaide twice for fundraising functions, being lovely to lots of people for a sustained amount of time is wearing me out. It is not that I am not lovely 100% of the time,(right)  I choose to inflict my loveliness on others at my whim. I am sure many of you are like that as well.

Mondays always seems to be the day we decide to do many things, I have read and am open to correction most of us plan and start a diet on a Monday, many front up to work and decide they are going to change jobs and go actively seeking them so by the weeks end they have planned interviews. I am starting this week as Director of Nursing a role which I haven’t done before but many years ago in the back of my mind and when I was nursing perhaps I was aiming for it. It is an encompassing position and one which in a small country town is an on call 24/7.

There are forms to do, incident reports from the weekend to attend to, I have had people come into my office just to chat, I have done a ward round and my pile of papers seems to be growing where though I have actioned them they need filing. I’m not good at maintaining a neat desk never have been. That way if anybody is looking for anything it will take them ages to find it and they won’t waste their time.

Enjoy the day – may it end soon