to flu or not to flu it’s up to you

I was awoken during the night as I rolled on to my left arm and it hurt and I couldn’t think why, then I remembered I have had my first flu vaccination in this arm. This is my first one ever and I was given a survey by the nursing staff after it and it asked me why I had it. I ticked the box that said ‘peer pressure’. As I now work in the Keith Hospital flu vaccinations are available to all staff so I was rounded up and it was insisted that I have a flu injection so for the first time in my life I have had it.

To flu or not to flu is it really up to you and up till this point yes I have been sick over the years but nothing like getting the swine flu last year to make me think it is time that I protected others from my flu. The vaccine is grown in egg so if you are allergic to egg do not have it, as this is one of the things I am not allergic to, there really was no reason not to have it. I for years have injected my parents and friends who have brought me the injection and yet I have never participated myself. Upon reflection I should have been having it for years, as I don’t think I have gone without catching a cold or a flu for years.

But now that I have contact with the elderly and the infirm I will be putting them at risk of catching a flu if I bring one into the organisation. The swine flu or any other flu can not kill anyone but the underlying diseases it causes can for example pneumonia and other respiratory ailments. The old and the young do not have good enough immune systems to fight these diseases and the more often they get them or are exposed to them the longer it takes for them to recover.

If you travel a lot, spend time in close proximity with other people, work in the health care industry or just want to get through the winter season without getting too sick and having time off work, then I suggest you get to the Dr and get your vaccination.