talking in my sleep

I was woken this morning by DH who announced before I opened my eyes that I spent a large part of the night talking in tongue. I tried to focus on him and rolled in his direction to ask what the was he talking about. I had a very late day yesterday and it was kind of stressful at work with a lot going on but I refute the fact I speak in tongue. Perhaps I said it was gibberish and sleep talking, then I immediately asked what I had said.

He told me he couldn’t understand it but it went on and off for the rest of the night from 1am till 6am when he woke me up. I have googled it, I did not know this is commonly known as Somniloquy where the person is not aware and they have conversations in gibberish and rarely is it conversational or makes sense to the listen. Not that I have anything I need to hide but then this depends on the memory or the dream that occurs at the same time as talking. I have known for many years that I have been a sleep moaner and when alcohol is added it has been known to turn into a snore, but sleep talking is something I have not done for years.

I have no guilt about this as it can be brought on by sleeplessness – which DH has subjected me to on and off for the last couple of weeks. I have had a different sleep pattern and am working many hours on Keith Hospital, at the Keith Hospital and in my business. I only hope if it continues no secrets are let out and my language remains gibberish.