are the words “job” and “happiness” related?

I started another blog but have decided to go down this track following a conversation with a dear friend. I have done it myself over the years and I am sure many more will get yesterdays job ads out and apply for new positions. These are changes people make to better themselves, chasing a higher income, work dissatisfaction or looking to become happier in a work place environment. Let’s face it you spend more waking hours in your job than you do with family & friends so the last place you want to feel dissatisfied is at work. 

Everybody wants people to like them, that is human nature, you make friends and these people become part of your social network. These people are like-minded so you work alongside them and socalise with them out of hours. It is much easier to work with people, than it is work alone. Mind you working from home has lots of advantages but it has similar number of disadvantages, i.e. no work place bullying v’s no strategic planning meetings or loneliness. Most people work for the income, that is undisputed and many occasions I have heard “I want more money to do what I do”,”I know if I have a pay rise I’ll be happy” and “I’m applying for a new job so I can be happy”

So the question needs to be asked, are “job” and “happiness” related? Does one need a job to be happy? or does ones job make one happy? or being happy depends on one’s job and finally happiness is job related. All these quips relate to a place of work and an emotion. Not normally wage or pay packet related. By changing one’s place of employment will this necessarily lead to a new-found happiness? Some people ‘blame’ their place of work for their unhappiness without ever looking at themselves. In some instances they can be correct, some work places can be toxic to the soul, others can be up lifting. I think we all go to find the up lifting one’s we aim for happiness at work so we can come home to forget about it, to regale others with stories that make you laugh. Working gives you independence, not only financially, but mentally stimulates one into thinking & achieving. All this is dependant upon being happy, interactive and most importantly being kind.

It is ok to seek new horizons and it is also ok once you get there to think it was a terrible mistake and then look further afield. This generation move from job to job without the strings of loyalty attached. My generation stay, out of loyalty and normally look for change only move if we relocate from our homes, need a change in our financial circumstances i.e. Divorce, go actively seeking a better place of work and opportunity. But if you are unhappy and this doesn’t change when you get to the new work place them you must look inside yourself to see if you are the change that needs to happen. Say often and loudly, I need help, I thank you for your assistance but remember a job won’t give you happiness but it can be the path to much better things.