A picture of My Boy

I am writing about a true friend today, one that has been with me for about 16 years and one that I have never felt has been disloyal, unkind or non supportive. This one hasn’t chosen words over deeds and actions, it has not listened to gossip and passed judgement,this friend has stood beside me and given me nothing but support, sometimes in silence leaning against me other times loudly announcing the unwelcome. We have spent hours together, walked the beach in summer and rain, being cold and wet has not been an issue, there’s always rain coats. We have swum in pools, seas and dams there is no such thing as being too wet or not going into a ‘body of water’, even despite the criticism we shouldn’t be doing that.He has waited up for both me and my daughter many nights without complaint. I love this friend very much, nobody can beat my love for my daughter though, she is the most precious thing in the world to me. I believe my friend would sacrifice his life for the both of us without hesitation. I am posting his picture here today to acknowledge this.


Here he is in splendid glory my boy Pete. This was taken on the weekend as he was walking behind me on our way to the shed. He came to me at 6 months old via other people and has been with my daughter and I for nearly 15 years. He lives at the farm full-time as he is too old to do the 300 km trip to Adelaide & back, he has had 3 pins in his front paw that left me poor for nearly 12 months following a farm ute accident, he was trying to jump off and he slipped trapping his paw between the tailgate & back of the ute. DH to this day now only lifts dogs on and off the ute – that was 7 years ago. He has been hit by a car, became hypothyroid (lost his fur) and takes daily medication for it. He has had blocked anal glands that required surgery, he has a torn a ligament in his knee that has healed as best it can due to his age and having unnecessary surgery. He has had abdominal surgery after a grass seed penetrated his skin. All the same life is good with Pete and I hope he is around for many more.

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