How many times does one procrastinate it their lives? I wouldn’t put myself as a procrastinator, I would say I’m a go getter but there are times I have hesitated. I have wondered whether this hesitation has been to my detriment or it has benefitted me as I have had to go seeking alternative solutions to a problem. My DH procrastinate and sometimes tries to involve me in this, he has spent years creating things and deliberating on farm machinery purchases, we have been to land auctions and though we know our spending limit we have never got a bid off.

I should rejoice in his decision-making process he is very careful with his spending and the cost of farm machinery is enormous but we seem to manage without debt. But it has taken years for some of them to come to pass but they have. I on the other hand make decisions easily and quickly then fight hard to make them work, be right or have to shove them under the pillow so that I don’t have to think about them any further. I normally get up and do the things I have to in order to then do the things I want to do. I have brought up my daughter to do it now rather than later and her sheer hard work has her in a job she loves and enjoys. I on the other hand have been limited now through living in the country, I have had to make work situations for myself, from my first foray in to medical project management to opening a shop each job brings about its own joys and issues. One thing I can do and do well is delay by working slowly on the things I dislike (my taxes) and do quickly the things I love.

Procrastination is something we all do, I have read many a tweet or Facebook comment where Facebook is proof that it is more interesting than study, washing and ironing can be found to be much more interesting than doing book work, or in my case sometimes I prefer to do book work instead of housework or anything else. My girlfriend Kate Swaffer loves to iron and in reading her blogs I sometimes get the feeling she prefers to do other things. Procrastination is a part of our make up, some work through it, others work around it, it is all good unless it dominates our lives and restricts our time. Must go have deadlines to meet for Fantastic Furniture who are donating all new furniture for our Doctors house in Keith, this is one cause I don’t hesitate for, pity our Government do. $60 mil in Legal aid bills for the asylum seekers, $32 mil since July 2011 to 22 NSW legal firms, why is this so?? This does not even cover the costs of them in detention centres but this is a topic for another day.

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  1. Procrastination is such fun!!! When I was at uni, I was almost as bad as the young ones wasting time on facebook rather than study, at least until just before assignments were due or exams were upon us! Happy to see ironing is back on the agenda too, a topic I had never thought would have such legs! I do proscratinate, even with the ironing, but when I get to it, I find it quite therapeutic even though these days I pay a price physically for doing it. Now, you and I and bookwork have the same challenge, I could put it off for years, in fact once ignored a tax return for 5 years in my youth, but these days my dear husband is the match to that flame, so I just ‘help’ from the sidelines. One could see this as another positive of dementia??!! Happy days to you and DH forever, as you proscrastinate together in your preferred arenas. x

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