what one thinks about in the middle of the night…

I am juggling organising 6 events for the Keith Hospital, most are at the final stage and seem to be travelling well. We have themes, we have table-cloth covers, colours to match our hospital colours and then there’s the tickets, they are ready to be purchased and ready to be sent. Now is the panic time, there are tickets to be sold, people to enlist to assist and table placements to be done. How does one do this with no advertising budget? My main goal to get Adelaide & South Australia people to come along and support us, these events are being held in the Adelaide CBD, we (here in Keith) are doing all we can to support the hospital and now need to take it to our city folks. There is only so much fundraising a small town can do and we have done it well, we are well onto our way in fundraising $500,000 dollars, not bad for a population of 1100 odd people.

Is it the over enthusiastic host / hostess who panics till it is the party is over? will anybody come? does anybody want to join the party? I am thinking of ways to garnish support for our Ladies High tea, I had pre bookings of 180 Ladies and now that we are in the throes of getting money in, it comes in slowly. I begin to panic. I am lucky in my life that I have met, worked with and been friends with some really fantastic women, so have a database of email addresses I have sent out. I have even had those that responded by saying no and thanking me, so I know the message is garnishing support. The way I see it is if every one of these friends brings a friend that will be over 300 people. This is the target we are looking for. But there will be many who do not come due to various other commitments and this will be ok too. This is just the April Function we are talking about, I have also committed to a May one as well, which was secured on Friday – so watch out  there will be many more sleepless nights but hopefully I will have solutions. I know I worry too much about these things but I feel so passionate about the Keith Hospital, it really is hard to not be involved, get caught up in the events and drive them to success.

This is just one thing I think about when I wake up in the middle of the night, I sometimes get up and write ideas down, work on the computer or just lie there thinking. It is part of my make-up to help assist and to help. Sometimes I do it badly but most times I can do it well with my family and friends around me.