When you think you can never get it right

There are times in one’s life that you can look back and regret the past, long for the moment “back when”. Then there are times where you love living in the moment, enjoying all things you create and friendships you’ve nurtured, these then become that fabric of times past and longing. Why look back when one should be living for the now. I have been married 5 years today, something I never thought I would ever do, I never saw myself in a white dress being married. I don’t know why I never dreamt of this event or saw it as an option or never really took seriously till I was a lot older.

I didn’t go into my marriage thinking about some fairytale life I was about to have, it was a 40 degree day in the midst of a drought with a fire on the next property. I went into thinking we were good friends and we liked each other enough to take that next step. It has not been without its difficulties as anyone in a relationship will tell you, but basically it has been based upon respect and trust. The basis of these feelings is the Foundation of love one feels for another person, it is very different to the love one has for a child but it is still enough grounding to work from and towards. We were lucky we could invite everyone we cared about, those people who made up the chapters of our lives and combined them for one big weekend party. We had the Birdsville mob come in, Friends from Sydney, Melbourne, Marcus and his wife Amy flew in from Sydney even though her lovely parents were in Australia from England. My daughter came up from Adelaide with my sister who flew in from Queensland, this was really special as it has been the only occasion she has come to the farm. Some of my friends and I have lost touch but this does not mean I think they are not my friends, this is just a part of life that goes on. We love, learn and expand, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong it just changes and one then gets the luxury to reflect upon one day in your life where you want things to go well.

I am not great with dates for this is just a number and my DH can tell me more about what happened on what day than I ever can. One thing he is good at is remembering our wedding anniversary, I read that it’s wood, I don’t think I can wear that but I can cook on it. At least with all the things I get wrong in my life this is not one of them. I did get it right being married to a kind caring loving man and having a life. Being a mother to a successful beautiful daughter is the highlight of my life, I feel totally blessed. For those of you that came to our wedding day, we thank you it was a great party…

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  1. Happy Anniversary dear friends. It was a wonderful celebration of love and friendship, for you both and your families as marriage is a coming together of those too. Loads of love and celebration hearts from your friends in London. xoxoxox

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