a short one today

I am wracking my brain today as I have so many things juggling around me and then I just need to get some sleep. DH has taken to waking up at 430am for the last few nights with the suggestions that he is getting his body ready for the change out of Day light saving. Just think soon it will be 0530am, doesn’t that make you feel better? a big fat NO, my tired body says. He bounced up this morning and headed out the door to go to Horsham to a field day one that I had to beg off. As I have to much to do as well as clients I need to chase up. We do not have a land line at the moment so all our calls are going to my mobile and telstra are looking into our problem. I have had my andriod mobile  in being repaired for longer than I have owned it, so am waiting for telstra to send me a replacement one in order that I can keep my contacts as the last one wouldn’t even sync with my laptop. When I get it back I will have to write them all in a book and we have’t had a fax for a while either. I don’t miss the phone as much as I thought I would, communicating is vital to keeping in contact with beautiful daughter & family. My mother and her choir have been invited to sing in New York City at Carnegie Hall – so it looks like we are going to New York in Jan. I will be starting to assist them in doing some fund raising and sponsorship shortly it is a huge honour. I have been on my mobile speaking with a dear friend for a while and during this time I have had 14 phone calls, I must be really important today    either that or many people are getting back to me following requests for Keith Hospital donations. I have letters to write and a venue to find for a mothers day evening function where the venue will help us out, preferably where we can run the bar or share the takings. If anyone has any idea please let me know.

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  1. OMG, not you and an android phone being in longer than ou have owned it too! My first one didn’t work, but before I could take it to be repaired, I accidentally smashed it. So after replacing it with the same model, the next one is in for repairs, which were meant to be done before we departed, but surprise, surprise, it wasn’t done in time! Good old Telstra, continuing with their less than third world service. And on the topic of dear husband, I think yours deserves the second meaning of DH for getting up at 4.30am just to get used to the daylight saving change… and for waking you up!! Your comment did give me a much needed giggle though, thanks xx. And what an honour for your Mum and her choir, off to Carnegie Hall. WOW, how exciting for you all. Have a good day, and I hope you get to have some rest amongst the million things you seem to have to do today.

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