I don’t think I can do it again

it’s not that time of year, nor is there a reason for them other than they are introduced to the environment, but I don’t think I can do it again, I really don’t. I am not a sook, I very rarely shy away from a task and I never allow invaders to take over, but here in lies the problem. I live in a house that has an outdated kitchen, one which came from the 70’s. The bench tops are 500 wide so there is little room, but worse than that nothing is sealed so when they come into the house they can climb into the cupboards then up into the drawers.

Yes people I am talking mice, they are back, I was greeted last night upon my arrival home from work, “I caught a mouse today and I’m pretty sure I saw one jump out of the drawer”. I reel around and look at him and state I don’t think I can do it again. Those cats of yours, I just can’t. He looks blankly at me, you know clean out the drawers and cupboards again. It takes me hours to pull things out wash them and then put them back, I have spent many a day doing this to the point that some of the drawers are empty, I won’t put anything back so all I clean out is the drawer. I keep no tea towels in the kitchen, no pot holders, no egg cups, have reduced the utensils to 1 drawer, knives and forks live now in the lounge sideboard (yes we still have one of those retro throw backs) medicines, batteries & tool drawer in a cardboard box on top of a cupboard in the hallway. saucepans hanging from an overhead home-made swing. Even our food stuffs live in an old cupboard out of the kitchen, so I don’t think I can do it again. Yet I open the drawer with the utensils and there is sits on my white plastic (meant to be wooden) spoon, staring at me, taunting me. A lump of mouse shit, so I pull the drawer out and dump the content into the sink, we don’t even have a dishwasher either.

I can’t face breakfast nor the cupboards so I wash my hands, pack my things, can’t bear the thought of making lunch and prepare to go to work. I shall leave it with him. I know I shall return home to find them washed, even put back in the drawer  but this means I will have to do it all again. If anyone knows of a kitchen I can buy feel free to contact me…