The Mardi Gras is more than a party..

We don’t have anything as sensational as the Mardi Gras here in Adelaide, we have the Pride March which herald’s the opening of our feast festival. I am sure most other states have something similar to ‘celebrate’ their gay and lesbian community. This is not to say one is better than the other, nor one is supported more for regardless of the who, what, where and how many the underlying message is the same.

In Sydney there are feathers, glitter, spray tans galore, more high heels worn by all and sundry than you would find at a Victoria Secrets fashion show and a parade that over 300,000 people lined the street to see. There is music and dance routines that have many people smiling and clapping along and most importantly a message to all people whether you watch, participate or ignore the spectical,  there is no discrimination. There is no limit on the people who march, you can be a gay, a lesbian, a tranny, an impersonator, a brother, a sister, a mother, a father, a friend and straight.

The message is deeper than the parade, the make up and the frivolity of the evening. It lasts longer than the show and the hangover. It should touch more than the spectators, it should be sending a message loud and clear to our decision makers, Everyone should have the right and the respect to be equals, whether they want that in marriage or in each other. There are people who make decisions who will not listen, this is not limited to heterosexuals either we have politicians who are openly in same-sex relationships. It is becoming more than a political debate, surely it is a debate for the people via way of a referendum? If we had a referendum on gay marriage what would you vote for? yes or no. Surely every wedding is ‘gay’, most people have a ‘gay old time’ so in life surely people can choose who they love and love who they choose. No matter what your preference isn’t it time the people have a vote? The lesson of the Mardi Gras is to celebrate diversity in life, as individuals, as groups and most importantly love, laugh & share no matter what, besides who doesn’t want to wear feathers, body glitter and high heels once in their life…