Rainy Days & Sundays…

It is nice to be relaxing today. It really has been a hectic week of work and social commitments 3 for the Keith Hospital, 1 for Kate Swaffers Fringe show, which was emotional but the shared meal afterwards was fantastic, 1 with my daughter in Adelaide which is also really special, 1 with DH’s aunty from England back in Keith. Tonight I have prepared a green chicken curry that is cooking away in the slow cooker that my daughter gave me as a present a couple of years ago, something which I don’t use often enough.

I was looking forward to a sleep in this morning following the late night we had after arriving home after 11pm following the Quiz night, which we did not win but came second! I am sure if we had a full table we may have come 1st. Oh well there is always next year. I was sitting with really great people and we had fun, it was a shared answers and I even won a competition where we were given 5 pieces of paper ribbon to tie together and who ever had the longest wins. It also helped that one of the men next to me was missing the top part of his pointer finger and I was the only female out of the 9 tables that decided it was my turn to do the activity.

One of the girls on our table made a comment, gee I didn’t know you were so competitive. I looked at her in surprise, she has seen me in my role as project manager of the hospital re-development 2 years ago and I told them (the board) then that I would bring it in on time and in budget. What I did was bring it in on time and Under budget, I have spent may hours of my time fund-raising for the Keith Hospital purely because I can’t bear to let it close or if truth be known I can’t bear to let the SA Labor Government ‘beat us’ into extinction. I finish what I start and if the challenge is thrown down, I am one of the first to pick it up, I do what I do as some people feel that it is too hard for me to achieve the outcomes I have already. I do not take this as a personal attack, I take it as a challenge.

A girlfriend arrived this morning whilst I was planning on staying in bed, she brought me the Sunday mail, which happens to have a the letter I wrote to the Editor about Kevin Foley. It has been edited somewhat and I note they have even taken a ‘new picture’ of him in a different suit from last week. I made mention in my letter and my blog the suit looked like it was an Armani Suit and with the change of picture & suit I suspect this would have been correct, even his items of clothing dictate he has no real connection (in my opinion) with ‘real’ South Australians. His column was as I suspected, bias and confrontational to a union – some of which helped him get his position of privilege & wealth. He annoys me and I wonder how long it will be before he talks about health, I think that unions and teachers will have distaste in him today. Enjoy your Sunday people, may it be restful & fruitful. We also have had an inch of rain over the last 35 hours and DH is very happy as the paddocks are germinating – food sources for our stock.

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  1. OMG, how could someone possibly know you, but not know you are competitive? Must have their blinkers on!! Bad luck about coming second too, my DH and I can’t stand that either!!!! Good to hear about the rain, whch it is also doing here, hope there was a tin roof for you t listen to it whie you were sleeping in. Take care DF, and I’ll try to remember not to add too many recipes with avocado too! Good to hear your letter was printed, even if edited. Keep those bloody thorns sticking in. xx

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