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I have worked out I have had 1 meal this week with my DH (Dear Husband) as I have been in Adelaide and then had Keith Hospital Commitments and social functions all of this week I have 1 more to go and he is coming with me. One of the communities comments to me late last year was that here we all were raising awareness and funds and there was little presence at these fund-raising events by hospital representatives. This is more than a fair comment, it was an accurate one, so there has been movement within the hospital from nurses to join together to attend functions like last night.

Senator Nick Xenophon came to Keith to open our Art Exhibition “look on the bright side” pictures done by artists to raise awareness on mental health issues. Let me tell you if you are travelling past – you must come in to see it. The art works are astounding, all proceeds for the evening are going to the Keith Hospital. I was sitting on a table behind his with staff from the Keith Hospital.

He gave us a speech that was well worth listening to, he was charming, witty, articulate and poignant – something you should expect from a politician. We also got frank, honest and relevant issues to our community and SA as a whole. He spoke about Eugene McGee & Di Gilchrist-Humphries and the campaign he is mounting for the public to get behind it to “force John Rau” into getting a trial against him being allowed to continue practicing. Anyone who saw Australian story, will know how disgraceful this is, anyone who didn’t see it watch it. He talked about how our plight fo the Keith Hospital is still being talked about in the walls of Parliament House and how we have to keep going. He believes we need to keep the pressure on (we agree). He talked about how detested Kevin Rudd is by his own party and how he predicts that by October November the Labor party will be looking to replace Julia Gillard and Shorten is the tipped replacement. He talked about how disappointed he is in Julia, a person he studied with and how indecent it is that she does not keep any promises, how the carbon tax is outrageous and how land sales to overseas companies is about food security for their people not ours. He talked about how Julia dudded Andrew Wilkie’s pokies bill by asking Slipper to take the speakers seat so that the vote would not need Wilkie nor Xenophon to hold it up. His distaste for this action and Andrew Wilkie determination now to not support the Labor Government, but the bench has been stacked against them. This would be what one would expect from an independent you may say, he came as he helped our child care centre that closed to reopen and get a government grant to assist the families in having this vital service continue. He talked how Minister Kate Ellis was ‘shamed into doing something’.

He made no apologies, expect for correcting Wikipedia – he did NOT vote for the sale of ETSA under John Olsen, 2 Labor MP’s crossed the floor to get this legislation through. He took questions & answers and was gracious in his responses, what he did not talk about was the current Liberal party nor how we the Keith Community could win the battle to save Keith Hospital. We are like soldiers, we keep going to the front line to hold our position and that is what we are doing now. I was asked this morning ‘can I see the light at the end of the tunnel?” yes I can but I feel we are only half way there. This week amongst the craziness of my days I have been given an enormous gift. Fantastic Furniture have come to our aid and have donated a house full of furniture for our Doctors house, bedroom suites, office suite, lounge suite and Dining suite all for the price of a plaque on the door. This gift will now enable us to move our Doctors into the house – as we get it rent free and save the hospital approx $40,000 to $60,000 per year in B & B fees. There is light, there is generosity beyond words and then there is us, the hard-working people of Keith not unlike many others that work tirelessly for causes, beliefs and injustices. Keep up the good work everybody, our voices are not silent, our words are heard, our actions monitored, it will make a difference.

Now as for tonight’s quiz night to raise the funds for Keith Hospital, to all of you on my table, we are out their to win aren’t we……

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  1. Well, we didn’t win (did you??)
    but a good night had by all & some more much need funds raised 🙂

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