“What’s happening”

I want to know when this statement became part of our ‘daily speak’. I think this week alone I have had about 23 people say this to me this week and most times before I have even had the opportunity to say hello. They say it to me on the phone, to my face and during business meetings. What is that? It is being used not as a question but as a statement to ‘force’ a person to talk without the niceness of ‘small talk’ I will not participate.

Have we lost the art of small talk? don’t people want to know anymore about you, the weather, the partner, kids, animals anything that makes us who we are? Are they sooooooo busy it’s all about jumping the niceness stage and heading the nitty gritty of the conversation? I have decided I won’t participate in it and my response has become, why? or “you tell me” this is normally met with surprised silence, surely if you ask another person a question you would have a response prepared for yourself? No not so much it seems, I am even finding talking with medical professionals this has crept in. I was at a Regional Meeting for Keith Hospital last night and a Dr I have never met asked me this question, I exalted the merits of why that particular question and was it specifically me that people feel they had to ask? He was a bit taken aback. We then proceeded to have a round table meeting about it. There is no outcome but what was identified was that no one knows where it came from.

Note to all don’t launch into what’s happening the second you see me, say hello, appear interested, ask how my day went, for I will put it back on the instigator to commence a different conversation.