tiresome tuesday…. what are some people thinking

I bought the sunday mail before I saw the front cover, it wasn’t till I was in the car that I saw him, there on the front page of my paper Kevin Foley, he was right I if I was eating weetbix I would have choked on it. Instead I read the article and shook my head. He has thoughts and an opinion on SA, not going to speak about his past position in the Labor party and it looking forward to bringing us a column every week. He stood there in what looks like a very expensive suit arms folded and looking definitely unfriendly, I am sure they were looking for serious for the topic he wrote about but to me he looked unfriendly. For those that do not know he was SA’s past Treasurer for the Labor Party, he was the poster boy of an older man trying to ‘pick up’ younger blondes and has a runs in with other people’s fists on more than one occasion. He is the man who decided to announce in ‘The Advertiser’ on a saturday he was approving pulling funding from the Keith Hospital, just a man of poor actions and poor form (in my opinion).

I was amazed how can he write on SA, he had holidays overseas every opportunity he got, he has never (to my knowledge) been out of the CBD other than for business as Treasurer so if he was travelling in a car he may not have stopped to enjoy sights and sounds of local SA produce, markets and just played the tourist. As for having an opinion on Australia – well he probably has more knowledge on other states, he had to transit there whilst travelling out of the country. He may have had more meetings interstate and spent more time there but as a tourist??

So then what will his opinions be about? Events, social outings, horse racing and or sports, he had the privilege of going to, as an invited guest and mostly in tents and corporate boxes at taxpayers expense. Whilst the Keith Hospital funding was pulled, the Government still managed to find a million dollars to put on drinks & nibbles at a south australian event that same year. Will people want to read about his opinion on these things? one will have to wait and see but I find it hard to reconcile this with Kevin Foley, he has had a career which has given him opportunity and privilege. He has a pension and superannuation only the politicians can have, so will he relate to me or other tireless people daily working to raise money for charities, hospitals, diseases, serious illness, facing unemployment or just plain unimpressed with his decision and public behaviour over the years.

This is not to say people won’t want to read his column, as many like him as disliked him and many will want to read about his life post politics, but he states it’s not about his ‘beloved’ Labor party and then proceeds to write about the party and its public implosion leading up to the ballot, so he has already started wandering off track. Will he write about his battle with depression and how he is feeling and coping now? one thinks not, though this would be good for people to read it may help others. Will he tells us about how to manage and cope with the aftermarth of some of his decisions as treasurer, this is a given he will not. Now that I have eliminated what he probably won’t talk about, what will he then write? I note all other contributors have an email address at ‘The Sunday Mail’ but not Kevin. I shall give it a couple of weeks to see if I shall keep giving my money to “the Sunday mail” in order for him to be paid.

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  1. oh, and I forgot to say, I never actually buy it, as it should really be called the Monday Snail, and is more like the direct marketing material fromn Le Cornus…

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