it is cringe worthy & just plain awful

We are still living the horror of the ‘ballot’ which is going to happen today say in about 2 1/2 hours. We are hearing lots and lots of speak. It is making me more uncomfortable, every time I see them (Julia & Kevin) and they are looking at the ground, more so Kevin. If you read about body language, if you are not telling the truth you can not keep eye contact. Judge Judy is a great one for asking “what are you looking at? look at me” Kath Day-knight is famous for her “look at meeee” line and that has been adopted into our daily speak. It is interesting as Kevin says “what I’m saying is” instead of the horrid habit of licking his lips continually. Julia says ‘under any government I lead” – well aren’t you leading it already? all up until today – now they are using the ‘royal we’ or “yours truly” thankfully he has stopped referring to himself as ‘KRudd’.

I get it that many want him back, I do, but I never helped put him or Julia there in the first place so for me, it won’t matter who is in charge. Neither seem to care about the Australian constituents, for if they did we would not have a carbon tax that only the Greens wanted. We would not live in a country where healthcare services, mental health services and health facilities are so inadequately run that many are left languishing without care nor hope. Disability Services may be getting a boost but that is long overdue. We pay more taxes or levy under this Government with more to come. The issue of ‘the boat people’ is still there and with no resolution insight, everybody looses. To top it all off I bought the Sunday Mail before I saw the paper to read Kevin Foley is now a columnist as he has an opinion and thoughts on SA & Australia. It won’t be about political grandstanding. Yet his article was only about his beloved Labor party. One can not imagine he will a balanced view on SA – he has spent more holidays overseas than in SA but that is a blog for another day.

Can’t you just hear it now PB (post ballot) it’s a new beginning, it’s a new Government, we will do…. as if anything will change. Kevin Rudd just said I will not mount another challenge but I bet his backers do… that is the story for the election I suppose..